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 Evolutionary Psychology - Is the study of individual differences with its emphasis on mental testing. It provides a rational for the field of comparative psychology and makes legitimate inference from animal work to humans. It stresses the concept of adaptation, function and purpose.

Anthro.Net: Evolutionary Psychology - Evolutionary Psychology. This site contains links and references for Evolutionary Psychology. Recommended Reading: The Biology and Psychology of Moral 3/5


Centre for Evolutionary Psychology - The University of California, Santa Barbara has developed one of the largest and most active communities of researchers in evolutionary psychology and allied disciplines in the world. To provide support for research and comprehensive training in this area, and to facilitate multidisciplinary and multi-university collaboration, UCSB has established the Center for Evolutionary Psychology. 4/5
Danist Society for Human Ethology - Behavioral biology, Evolution, Interdisciplinary contacts, Psychiatry, Child care and development, Societal problems.2/5
Duke University Primate Center Home Page  2/5
Enter Evolution: Theory and History: This site, by Rob and David Polly, offers a good treatment of the history of thought about evolution 3/5
European Sociobiological Society (ESS) - Forum for the study of the role of biological factors in the behavior of animals and man, with special emphasis on evolutionary aspects. 3/5
Evolution -Biosciences -   This WWW Virtual Library page offers links to genetics and the theory of evolution 4/5
Evolution and Ethology on the Web  4/5
Updated Evolutionary Psychology: An Integrative Approach - The Fallacy of Fitness Maximization Can Matter Store Information? Evolutionary Psychology 3/5
Evolutionary Psychology for the Common Person 4/5
Evolutionary Psychology Research Group -  University of Liverpool 3/5
Evolutionary Psychology  - Papers on Evolutionary Psychology You may click on some of these to view the paper 1. Have auditors evolved? 2. On the detection of cheating and altruism 3. Cheating and altruism: A methodological critique of Cosmides' procedures 4. Slides for my talk at the British Psychological Society Conference.
Evolutionary Psychology - Mark Schaller Evolutionary Psychology How does the residue of our evolutionary history influence our thoughts and social behavior today? And how should we best study these influences? I have been pursuing several lines of work that address those questions 1/5
Evolutionary Psychology Resources from Psychology Department at Occidental College - Areas in Psyc Clinical Cognitive Developmental Emotion Evolution Experimental Health History Industrial Learning Methodology Motivation Perception Personality Physiological Social Sports Other Psychology Resource Pages 4/5
Human Behaviour and Evolution Society 4/5
Primate Society of Great Britain 3/5
Principa Cybernetica Web 3/5
Psychology, Evolution and Culture - Concerned with the intersection of psychology, culture  2/5
Sociobiology / Evolutionary Psychology - A slide show  2/5
The Evolutionary Psychology Research Group - located in the Psychology Department at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 2/5
Books, Articles, Other Information 
DeFreuding Evolutionary Psychology - In Psychology Meets Biology: Conjectures, Connections, Constraints, ed. Valerie Hardcastle, The MIT Press/Bradford Books (forthcoming in Fall 1998). 3/5
MendelWeb - MendelWeb is an educational resource for teachers and students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the history and literature of science 2/5
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