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 Statistics - A list of software packages, demos and free applications.

General Packages: 
New AMOS -The student version allows you to construct models with as many as eight observed variables and 54 free parameters.   Free
AssiStat  — A Windows-based software package that automates calculation formulas. Includes a Free demonstration download4/5
Dataplot - Linux, PC-DOS, Windows for scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling. Has extensive mathematical and graphical capabilities.  Free
EasyStat - Program for Windows and Mac for t-tests, F-tests, simple ANOVA and contingency table. Free
New EQS - Use this student version for multivariate regression, confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis, and other multivariate statistics. The student version is limited to 18 parameters.  Free
New HLM - This hierarchical linear model package is used for nested or multilevel models. The student version contains all of the functionality of the professional edition, but is limited in the number of observations.  Free
New LISREL - The student version has the capability to conduct multilevel analysis for two- and three-level models, two-stage least squares estimation, principal component analysis, and exploratory factor analysis. It handles up to 12 observed variables.  Free
New M-plus - This demo SEM package can be used with models containing both continuous and categorical outcomes. It can be used to conduct logistic regression, factor analysis, growth modeling, and modeling with missing data. It is limited to 6 dependent and and 2 independent variables.  Demo Only
New Meta-Analysis - This DOS based meta-analysis program can be used to obtain effect sizes d or r or to obtain exact probabilities.   Free
New MIXOR, MIXREG, MIXNO, and MIXPREG - Freeware for mixed-effects models for the following: linear regression, logistic regression for nominal or ordinal outcomes, probit regression for ordinal outcomes, Poisson regression, and grouped-time survival analysis.   Free
New MX - Here's a structural equation modeling program. Amazingly enough, it appears to be freeware. The authors do ask for a small contribution to handle the duplicating costs if you order a manual to go along with the downloadable software.  Free
NCSS 6.0 Junior - A stripped-down version of NCSS 6.0 for Win 3.1. Has data entry, descriptive statistics, t-tests, multiple regression, tests on proportions, cross tabs, one-way ANOVA, exponential smoothing, histograms, scatter plots, and box plots. Free
NCSS - Statistical Software That is Easy to Use Includes Data Analysis, Statistical Graphics, and Statistical Analysis. Imports Data from SAS, SPSS. Demonstration download available. 4/5
OpenStat - A general stats package for Win 95/98/NT, developed by Bill Miller of Iowa State U, with a very broad range of data manipulation and analysis capabilities. A SPSS-like user interface. Software instructions are also available:  Instructions in the form of Adobe PDF files. Free
Regress+ - A Macintosh only package for univariate mathematical modeling (equations and distributions). The most powerful software of its kind available anywhere, with state-of-the-art functionality and user-friendliness. Free
SISA - Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis for PC (DOS) from Daan Uitenbroek. An excellent collection of individual DOS modules for several statistical calculations, including some analyses not readily available elsewhere. Free
SPSS Science - Includes free download demonstration software 3/5 Demonstration
Statistical Software  - A large collection of executable DOS programs (and Fortran source). Includes: Matrix occupancy, exact g-sample empirical coverage test, interactions of exact analyses, spectral decomposition analysis, exact mrbp (randomized block) analyses, exact multi-response permutation procedure etc. Free
Statlets - Java Statistical Applets - As the name implies 3/5
New STREAMS - This is structural equation modeling software can also be used as a pre-processor to LISREL, AMOS, EQS, M-Plus, and Mx. Multilevel Modeling.  Free
ViSta - A Visual Statistics program for Win3.1, Win 95/NT, Mac and Unix. Free
WebStat - A Java-based statistical computing environment for the World Wide Web. Needs a browser, but can be downloaded and run offline. Free
Subset Packages
ADE-4 - Multivariate analysis and graphical display software package for Mac and Win 95/NT. Includes component analysis and correspondence analysis, spatial data analysis methods, discriminant analysis and within/between groups analyses, many linear regression methods  Graphical displays include an automatic collection of elementary graphics corresponding to groups of rows or to columns in the data table, automatic k-table graphics and geographical mapping options, searching, zooming, selection of points, and display of data values on factor maps.  Free
BUGS -- Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling. Software for the Bayesian analysis of complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. Command-line interface versions available for major computer platform; a Windows version, WinBUGS, supports a graphical user interface, on-line monitoring and convergence diagnostics. Free
CASSATT - A pure Java graphical program to create linked scatter plots and parallel-coordinate plots. Runs on any platform that can run Java (Win/95/98/NT/2000, Mac, Unix, etc.) Free
G*Power - A general Power Analysis program for DOS and Macintosh. Performs high-precision analysis for t-tests, F-tests, Chi-square tests. Computes power, sample sizes, alpha, beta, and alpha/beta ratios. Comprehensive web-based tutorial and reference manual. Free
Probability Calculator - Regular (p-value) and inverse calculation for most popular central and non-central probability distributions: Beta, Binomial, Bivariate Normal, Chi Square, Correlation, Fisher F, Gamma, Hypergeometric, Negative Binomial, Normal (Gaussian), Poisson, Student t, Studentized Range, Weibull. Free
Tests of Proportions - Applies tests of significance for proportions (between observed vs expected and between two independent proportions). (Mac, 335K) Free
Weibull Trend Toolkit - Fits a Weibull distribution function (like a normal distribution, but more flexible) to a set of data points by matching the skewness of the data. (Windows) Free
Curve-Fitting & Modeling:
KyPlot - A data analysis and graphing program for Windows.
PLS-PC 1.8 - A DOS program to do Partial Least Squares regression (PLS). Developed by J. Lohmöller, and distributed for free by J. McArdle. An introductory overview of PLS by Wynne CHin can be found Here. Free
WinSAAM - Windows System Analysis and Modeling Software. lets you create mathematical models, design and simulate experiments, and analyze data. Models can contain differential equations, which will be numerically integrated and fit to data. Graphic and tabular output is provided. Free
Biostatistics and Epidemiology:
Anderson Statistical Archives - A large collection of statistical programs for PC (DOS) and Mac, plus Fortran and C source, from the Biomathematics department of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Free
Biodiversity Research Software - Five software packages, with documentation: Free
Diagnostic Statistics - Calculates diagnostic efficiency statistics (i. e., sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive power, Kappa, etc.). (Mac, 335K) Free
EasyMA - Free user-friendly MS-DOS program for the meta-analysis of clinical trials results. Developed to help physicians and medical researchers to synthesize evidence in clinical or therapeutic research. Free
EpiInfo - A set of programs for word processing, data management and epidemiologic analysis, designed for public health professionals. Free
Life Table - Available in Lotus and Excel formats. Free
STPLAN - Performs power, sample size, and related calculations needed to plan studies. Covers a wide variety of situations, including studies whose outcomes involve the Binomial, Poisson, Normal, and log-normal distributions, or are survival times or correlation coefficients.  Free
Surveys, Testing, and Measurement:
POSDEM - Uses simulation techniques to analyze and compare alternate sampling strategies for surveys. Performs power / sample size / precision analyses for different sampling methods: systematic, stratified, random, etc. Windows versions available. Free
Q-Method - A statistical program for analyzing data from the Q-Sort Technique. Free
SABRE - A Fortran program for statistical analysis of binary, ordinal and count recurrent events. Such data are common in many surveys either with recurrent information collected over time or with a clustered sampling scheme. It is particularly appropriate for the analysis of work and life histories, and has been used intensively on many longitudinal datasets. Free
SSCalculator - Calculates standard scores (z, t, NCE) as well as percentiles and Wechsler test scores. (Mac, 315K) Free
Stats - A Windows program for several commonly-needed statistical functions for marketing researchers: random numbers; sample sizes needed for surveys; mean, standard deviation, standard error and range for keyboard-entered data; standard error of a proportion; significance testing between two percentages from independent samples; significance between two percentages from dependent samples; significance testing between two averages from independent samples; contingency table analysis (i.e., Chi-Square) Free
WebQ - A set of HTML files for performing Q-Sorts online and collecting the data for subsequent analysis. Free
New WesVarPC - Software used for the survey data including analysis of multistage, stratified, and unequal probability samples.  Free
Excel Spreadsheets and Add-Ins:
ASCA Profile Analysis - Excel Spreadsheet template for performing syndromic profile analysis of Adjustment Scale for Children and Adolescents scores. (Mac, 25K) Free
Correlation Tests - Excel Spreadsheet template which tests the significance of difference between correlations (both independent and dependent). (Mac, 25K) Free
DE Histograms - Excel add-in that provides comprehensive descriptive stats, histograms, outlier detection, normality testing, and much more. Free
Essential Regression and Experimental Design - Excel 95/97 add-in and electronic book package for linear multiple and polynomial regression. Includes significance tests of model and parameters, model adequacy checking, tests for multicollinearity and variance inflation factors, autocorrelation, model optimization, stepwise regression, and experimental design. Free
Exact Confidence Intervals for Samples from the Binomial and Poisson Distributions - Excel spreadsheet with several built-in functions for calculating probabilities and confidence intervals. (42k long). Free
Life Table - Available in Lotus and Excel formats. Free
PopTools - Windows DLL for Excel 97 and 2000 (PC's only). Facilitates analysis of matrix population models & simulation of stochastic processes. Adds a new menu item and installs many powerful functions: matrix decompositions and formulas for generation of random variables (Normal, binomial, gamma, exponential, Poisson, logNormal). Also has routines for iterating spreadsheets to run Monte Carlo simulations, conduct randomisation tests and calculate bootstrap statistics. Also has documentation, examples, and related links. Free
Weighted Least Squares Linear Fits - Excel add-in from University of Texas. Free
First Bayes - Easy-to-use Windows application for elementary Bayesian Statistics. Performs most standard, elementary Bayesian analyses, including: plotting and summarizing distributions, defining and examining arbitrary mixtures of distributions, analysis of two kinds of linear model (one or more normal samples with common but unknown variance, and simple linear regression), examination of marginal distributions for arbitrary linear combinations of the location parameters, and the generation of predictive distributions. Free
GrafProg - Windows graphing program design, copy and save graphs generated by functions or by spreadsheet; also includes some statistical graphing processes. Free
Meta-Analysis Calculator for Win95,  Mac-68K  Free
Meta-Analysis 5.3 - DOS statistics software for meta-analysis. Probably still the most frequently used meta-analysis software in the world. Can select the analysis of exact p values or effect sizes (d or r, with a cluster size option). Can plot a stem-and-leaf display of correlation coefficients. A utility menu is provided that allows various transformations and preliminary computations that are typically required before the final meta-analysis can be performed.  Free
Programs Useful in a Clinical Laboratory Setting - Scott Warner's collection of MS-DOS and Windows. Free
Research Randomizer - Neat piece of software contained in a web page. 3/5  Student     
Statistical Packages Resources  New
Duke University's Freeware List - An extensive list of free and commercial software home pages.
ProGAMMA Downloadable Demos List - An extensive list of software for the social and behavioral sciences. They have documented the required operating systems, size of the files, and availability of documentation for the software on their list.
Software List at - A large list of freeware and demonstration versions. They've done a nice job of reviewing the software so you can more easily find the right software for your needs.
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