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  Anti-Psychiatry - An area of professional interest which does not support conventional areas  of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research of mental disorders in psychiatry

A White Rose - An anti-psychiatry and anti-psychotropic drugs site

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Against Biologic Psychiatry
Anti-Psychiatry - A Swiss Anti-Psychiatry Site
Anti-Psychiatry Coalition  
Anti-Psychiatry Home Page - This page is to be developed as the "antipsychiatry" homepage by consultant psychiatrist Duncan Double
Anti-Psychiatry Reading Room

The Unofficial R.D. Laing Web Site

Anti-Psychiatry Website
Asociacion Primal
Committee For Truth In Psychiatry
Critics of Psychiatry and the Therapeutic State - Site is devoted to Thomas Szasz's and other critics views of mental illness, psychiatry, psychology, and the therapeutic state.
Dendron News - Breaking the Silence About Psychiatric Oppression
Fact, Fiction & Fraud in Modern Medicine
G.O.R.I.L.L.A. - Denis Postle's site 'provides a forum for voices that are in danger of being swamped by the in-coming tide of psycho-opractice the UK'.
International Antipsychiatric Connection
Lunatics' Liberation Front
NOPSYCHS Directory & E-zine - DIRECTORY of individuals, groups, and companies of any religious persuasion who are against dangerous practices in the social sciences, psychiatry, psychology and the mental health field in general... PLUS professionals, companies and organizations.
People Against Coercive Treatment  
Psych Crime  - Psych Crime is a media and governmentt document collection of reports documenting the abuse, transgression and criminality of psychiatry.
Psych.Crime - Reporting on Fraud, Malpractice and Sexual Abuse by Psychiatrists.
Psych Testing the Abuse There Of - A private anti psychology web site concerned with the validity of Actuarial Testing   Note this site is still under construction.
Psychiatric Survivor- The Escape from Ritalin, Luvox and Other Psychiatry Drugs. Antipsychiatry. - Is the solution worse than the problem. enter . . Psychiatric Survivors of ritalin, and other psychiatric drugs. Fascinating story of antipsychiatry, ritalin, luvox, drugs, sex, dope, recovery and healing. Dr Breggin's foreword is very compelling
PsychoHeresy Awareness
Psychiatry Kills
Scientology against Psychiatry
Shocked 40,000 Volts  - Electroconvulsive Therapy Information.
Shock Therapy - SHOCK THERAPY... IT'S BACK by Sandra G. Boodman, The Washington Post:
Stop Bad Therapy - Information about false memory syndrome, repressed memories, recovered memories and retractors, an online test to evaluate therapy, "True Stories of Bad Therapy", "Overview of Mental Health Industry Reform Legislation" and The Informed Consent in Mental Health Practices Act.
Successful Schizophrenia: Psychiatry Deconstruction Zone
The Fraud of Child Psychiatry
Verbal and Emotional Abuse in Psychotherapy - Site to raise consciousness and promote discussion about the abuse of patients by psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.
What You Should Know About Psychiatry And Psychiatric Drugs


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