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   Professional Ethics - The standards of conduct agreed when dealing with clients and the considerations and code when undertaking research.

Americans for Medical Progress Educational Foundation
APA Ethical Principals & Code of Conduct for Psychologists
APA Guidelines for the Care and use of Animals
BioEthics - Resources and Internet links relevant to basic issues for student and scholarly research.
BioEthics On-Line
Bioethics Websites
Centre for Applied Ethics
Choices in Dying
Citizens Commission on Human Rights 
Citizens for Higher Ethical Standards in Medicine  


Ethical Dilemmas, Right vs. Right - Institute for Global Ethics -


Ethical Updates - Applied Ethics
Foundation for Biomedical Research
Kendra's Law - "KENDRA'S LAW" WILL END THE REVOLVING DOOR TREATMENT OF MENTALLY ILL A bill passed by both the New York state Senate and Assembly will provide an across-the-board safety measure to help end the revolving-door syndrome that currently exists
Law and Ethics for Mental Health Professionals
Patient Advocacy Groups - Patient Advocacy Numbers Please help expand this list. Please send correction/additions for this list to: Try our new Advocacy Finder (beta) to search for a term or illnesss. aids arthritis asthma breast cancer cancer diabetes
Patient Confidentiality Lawsuits
The Generalized Structure of Ethical Dilemmas - Many moral dilemmas are dilemmas because of a certain kind of conflict between the rightness or wrongness of the actions and the goodness or badness of the consequences of the actions.
New Treatment of Human Subjects


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