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What is the EU Cookie (e-Privacy Directive) Law?

On May 26th 2011 a new EU originated law came into effect that requires website owners to make significant changes to their sites and may fundamentally change the whole web browsing and shopping experience for everybody. This Cookie Law is amended privacy legislation that requires websites to obtain informed consent from visitors before they can store or retrieve any information on a computer or any other web connected device.

Cookies are used by almost all websites, for a variety of purposes:

Analysis of visitor behaviour (known as 'analytics')
To personalise pages and remember visitor preferences.
To manage shopping carts in online stores
To track people across websites and deliver targeted advertising


Your Privacy

Cookies that may be used on this site do not contain any personal information.

Any information collected is anonymous and generalised.

This site will not sell any email addresses and names to any third party

Any email addresses/names left in comments or mentioned in emails sent to me will be kept private and not sold to anyone

Your privacy is respected at all times

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