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   Addiction - A psychological or physiological overdependence of an orgasm on a drug or action. Mainly associated with the label for a form of substance-use disorder, it is used only for cases in which there has been long-term abuse leading to impaired social and/or occupational functioning. The specific drug or action involved is usually specified e.g. alcohol abuse, amphetamine abuse.. ( A. S. Reber. 1985 )

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Specific - Internet 
Center for On-Line Addiction (COLA) - Provides internet addiction training workshops and corporate seminar series for counselors and employers.
Clicking the Night Away
Computer and Internet Addiction
CyberWidows - Information and support for people living with internet addicted
How Do You Treat Internet Addiction?
How to Cope with and Prevent Internet Addiction - Best of the Net" Advice on How to Cope with and Prevent Internet Addiction. by Douglas Goldstein and Joyce Flory, PhD
Internet Addiction - Internet Addiction. Addiction reaches the Internet. Advice on How to Cope with and Prevent Internet Addiction. Dr. and Kimberly S. Young
Internet Addication
Internet Addiction Clinic
Is the Internet Addictive ?
Online Sexual Addiction - Provides education and support to people concerned about their own or others compulsive sexual behavior on the World Wide Web
Psychological Internet Addiction Study - Designed to test the stereotype of addicted individuals
Symptoms of Internet Addiction - The 10 symptoms of Internet Addiction
What Makes the Internet so Addictive?
Specific - Gambling
Gamblers and Risk Takers - By Joanna Poppink, MFCC.
Gamblers Anonymous
New Jersey Council on Gambling
Pathological Gambling - On-Line Article
Problem Gambling Problems
Specific - Inhalants
Inhalant Abuse - The Silent Epidemic
National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
NIDA Research Report - Inhalant Abuse (Index)
Specific - Tobacco
ChrisCor - Quit Smoking
Historical Gender Differences in Tobacco Use.- By Marlene Maheu, Ph.D.
Psychology of Smoking Study - An invitation for smokers to get involved in University research on smoking cessation.

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