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   Self Help - There are many coping strategies a person can use to eleviate the pain of distress. Here we present links to various web site which offer guidance on self help.

A Light in the Darkness - A support group for mood disorders "This site has been brought to light to act as a place of support, trust, and open communication among our peers suffering from all kinds of inner distress, including depression, bipolar disorder (manic depression), self injury, multiple personalities disorder, and dissociative identity disorder. We also offer support for eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder.
AA Big Book Online!
Afinity Zone - Edward J. Longo - The author of The Trance Zone provides services as Psychotherapist.
Alcoholics Anonymous World Service
Be Your Own Therapist
Directory of UK Self Help Groups & Support Organisations
El Paso Self Help Groups
Emotional Support Guide - A guide to emotional support resources on the Internet for people who are experiencing physical loss, chronic illness, and bereavement.
Healthy Mind & Body - Self-help site containing quizzes, stories, and question and answer categories; focusing upon developing self-awareness, inner harmony,openness and compassion. Offers relaxation and stress reduction tips. Brief tutorials illustrate healthy coping techniques on a variety of issues. Products for sale (for consumers and professionals); links to related web sites.
InnerPeace - Free Interfaith Self-Help Software for Inner Peace.
Living Large Network -Self-help site for people who are interested in overcoming their anxieties, living more expansively, having full and rich relationships and devising better strategies for achieving their goals.
Living Software Applications - Emotional wellness online is our goal. We develop Alive&Well, self-help and self-improvement software products for personal empowerment and life skills enhancement.
Maintain Your Emotions of Daily Life and Start To Solve Your Problems Now
Managing Yourself, Leading Others - Self help to improve your ability to manage yourself and lead others
Mental Health Foundation - A UK list of self-help groups
New Peace of Mind - Personal Development Courses
Self Help & Support Groups  - UK - An excellent listing for UK support groups
Self-Therapy - Do it yourself?
New Taking the Bully by the Horns - Self-help book and web site teaching kids, parents and teachers the skills they need to deal with Bully and Low Self-esteem issues.
The Definitive Web Guide to Personal Growth - Self Improvement, Self-Help, Human Enhancement, Self-Actualization, Personal Success, Self-Awareness, Human Potential, Personal Power, and Self-Fulfillment.
The New Start Group - A self-help group for people with mental health problems.
The Psychology of Virtual Communities - Articles about the value of on-line self-help groups.
Welcome to the 12 Step Cyber Cafe - Our hope is that you will find all the information about disease, dysfunction, and disorders and, more importantly, about the help that is available and the hope of healing through "working the steps."


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