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Qualitative Health Research
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin
Rehabilitation Psychology
Representative Research in Social Psychology
Research in Developmental Disabilities
Research on Aging
Research on Language and Social Interaction
Review of General Psychology
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology

Schizophrenia Bulletin
Schizophrenia Research
School Psychology International
School Psychology Quarterly
School Psychology Review
Self-Help Psychology Magazine
Sexologies Journal
Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity
Sexual and Marital Therapy
Sexuality and Disability
Sleep Medicine Reviews
Social Behaviour and Personality
Social Epistemology
Social Identities
Social Psychology Quarterly
Social Science & Medicine
Somatosensory and Motor Research
South Pacific Journal of Psychology
Spatial Vision
Speech Communication
Sports medicine News
Sports medicine Online
Sport Psychologist
Studies on Crime and Crime Prevention
Substance Abuse


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