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   Publishers and Bookshops - A major listing of publishers who specialize in psychological works together with bookshops. PsychNet-Uk is also proud to be associated with The Amazon Book Company UK where you can buy your books  seciuely on-line at massive discounts.

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Major Publishers
Allyn & Bacon Oxford University Press
Cambridge University Press Penguin Science
Consulting Psychologist Press, Inc. Prentice Hall
Elsevier Science Publications Prometheus Books
Harvard University Press: Gopher Site: Psychology Press
Hogrefe & Huber Publishers Sage Publications
Houghton Mifflin W.H. Freeman & Co
Lawrance Erlbaum & Associates West
Longman Willey
MacMillan Publishing Press Worth
Book Shops
Analytic Press - Publisher of books, journals, and software in psychology and the behavioral and cognitive sciences.


Annotated List of Books about Dreaming
Antiquarian Psychology Books for Old, Out-of-Print Psychology Books
AnyPsych Bookshop - Psychology
Big Words, New and Used Textbooks: Psychology
British Psychological Society Books & Publications - Books and multimedia published by the Society,in the areas of couselling and health, education, management and training.
Digital Bookshelf
ESF Publishers - Sells journals and original books on psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, and other subjects.
Free Association Books - Publishers of books about mental health, addiction, behaviour, child welfare, psychoneuroimmunology psychology, psychotherapy and related areas.
Inner City Books - Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts.
Karnac Books, - One of the leading English language publishers and sellers of books on psychoanalysis and related subjects. It uses the latest internet technology to bring users a powerful resource for searching an online catalogue of around 6,000 books on psychoanalysis and related subjects.
Mental Health Books at Discount
Psychology Books Featured By Paralepsis - This online store and resource provides clinical and academic book information especially for psychoanalysts, psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychotherapists
The Idea Channel - Download video or audio or read discussions between psychologists.
TranceWorks - Specializing in Hypnotism, NLP and Related Topics.
Upton Books - Addressing Social Concerns
Xoroi Libreria Bookshop - Books on Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.


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