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Mental Health Chat Rooms    
  Chat Rooms - There are hundreds of Chat Rooms on the World Wide Web. Below are a selection of those concerned with Mental Health matter, whether as a meeting place or a place to find he;p and support.

Alzheimer Friends - A chat room specialising in assisting those with Alzheimers, their families and friends.

Children Whispering

Bipolar Chat - Bipolar and mood disorder support three times
Bipolar Chat Room - In association with Bipolar Bulletin Board, this is a chat room for bipolars to share experiences, ask questions, or simply to chat
Borderline Personality Disorder IRC Chat - The only chatroom for borderline personality disorder on the Internet
Chat Room Counselling -Mental health counseling online chat by appointment. Web Chat
Chat98 - Counselling and Therapy Forum - forums for mental health professionals. Java Chat
Concerned Counselling Chat Rooms - Talk things over, discuss your feelings, share ideas, meet new friends, or just get together with old ones. Web Chat
Drkoop: Health Chats - A variety of health chat rooms covering mental health, addiction, fitness, and other areas
Eating Disorder Recovery/ Online Chat & Interview
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Free Chat
Grief Recovery On-Line, GROWW - Grief Recovery ONLINE, GROWW, is members helping members after the loss of a loved one. Offering Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Library and more
Growth House Chat Rooms - Various discussion rooms
Mixed Nuts  - This is a support group and chat for people living with mental illness. The author includes a short bio, as well as a message board and a list of related links.
Multiple Intelligence Chatroom - Let's talk Multiple Intelligences. CALL Page/Research/Pedagogical Applications/Interactive MI Inventory/MI Main Page.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Web Sites - Again and Again. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Web Sites. (Updated May 20, 2022) Articles, Books, and Papers Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms,Mailing Lists
Self Injury - Bodies Under Siege Chat
Sleep Disorders - Meeting place for discussing Sleep Disorders
Something Fishy Eating Disorders Chat
The Whole Family Chat Centre
Transformations Chat - Covering Grief and Dying

Psyberchat  - Dr. Doug Psyberchat is an interactive chat and bulletin board forum. This service is not a professional counseling service, but rather a moderated, interactive forum for the purpose of entertainment.
Widow Chat


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