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  Alzheimer's - A progressive form of presenile dementia which is superficially similar to senility except that it strikes relatively early in life. ( A. S. Reber. 1998 )

Alzheimer's - Family Care - Provides information and resources to help Alzheimer's patients cope
Alzheimer’s Association Canada - Information and support to caregivers, and funds caregiving research to help those living with the Alzheimer disease
Alzheimer’s Association National Voluntary Health Organisation
Alzheimers Association of Tasmania - Information for sufferers and carers on Alzheimer's and associated illnesses. With a guide to local services and links to other resources.
Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center: ADEAR
Alzheimer's Disease Resource
Alzheimer’s Page
Alzheimer Research Forum
Alzheimer’s Society Ottawa - Carleton
Alzheimer's Research International - Part of an annotated internet directory of sites with information about aging and older adults
Alzheimer’s Web Home Page
Bedford GRECC Alzheimer’s Disease Web Page
Candid Dementia
Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center
Diagnostic Center for Alzheimer's Disease
Gone Without a TraceAddresses the serious issue of wandering in Alzheimer's patients
Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Molecular Biology of Alzheimer’s
Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
San Francisco Alzheimer's and Dementia Clinic - clinical institution devoted to the investigation, diagnosis, treatment and management of Alzheimer's Disease.
See Also Brain Injury Page
Books, Articles, Information
Amyloid - This email list is devoted to research on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Enter the words "subscribe amyloid" in the body of the message.
Holistic Approach to Alzheimer's News Release
Molecular Biology of Alzheimer’s
Novartis Pharma Alzheimer Information Menu Page    Provide information and materials on the disease, treatment options and therapies
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