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Tourette's Syndrome - A neurological disorder characterized, in mild form, by involuntary tics and movements.          ( A. S. Reber. 1985 )

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Behavioral Disorders of Childhood & Adolescence
Tourettes Syndrome
A Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tourrettes Syndrome - by Ruth D Bruun, Donald J. Cohen & James F. Leckman.
American Academy of Neurology - Tourette's Syndrome
Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy (ACN) - Dedicated to exploring advanced and alternative treatments for neurological conditions. We are presently focusing on autism, Tourette syndrome, and attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity
Ask NOAH About:Tourette Syndrome
Diagnosis and Treatment of Tourette Syndrome
Diagnosis and Treatment of Tourette's  - Tourette Syndrome Association
Facts About Toyrettes Syndrome
Nova Scotia Tourette Syndrome Information & WWW Site
Pharmacological Treatment For TS - This publication is intended to provide information about medication currently in use for TS.. Readers are cautioned against taking and/or changing medications based on this information.
Shpunter's Tourette's Syndrome Help WebsiteThis site to designed to help educate people about this disorder.
The Misunderstood Child - Learning disorders affect only the "Method" used to learn, not the "Ability" to learn. Information on TS
Tourette Syndrome  - A good informational site about Tourette Syndrome and tics.
Tourette Syndrome Frequently Asked Questions
Tourette's Syndrome - Startling behaviors that can be disconcerting
Tourette's Syndrome 1
Tourette's Syndrome and Epilepsy
Welcome to the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada

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