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  Gay Issues - Gay a sobriquet for homosexuality. ( A. S. Reber. 1985 )

Gays - Lesbanism - Bisexuals - General Gay issues

Gay Issues
Gays - Males
Anything that Moves - A tasteful and informative Website for the "Classic Bisexual"
Gay Bisexual Male Youth Suicide Studies - Demographic work done on the basis of sexual orientation. These results challenge most established beliefs about the male youth suicide problem in the field of suicidology
Homosexuality Common Questions & Statements Addressed 
Combating Homophobia - A listing of tips for everyone, not just lesbians, on ways to overcome societal oppression.
Lesbian Health Issues - Studies show that lesbians are often reluctant to seek out health care, but just because your partner is a woman does not mean you are immune to many gynecological problems
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Info Page - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Info and Links Page
Lesbian History Project
Bisexual Resource List - A compilation of resources useful to bisexual and bifriendly people.
Gay Issues General
Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality - Published by the American Psychological Association
Biography of Lesbian and Gay Language - List of books written about gay and lesbian language studies
Canadian Gay & Lesbian Archives - Sexuality-affirming counseling and psychotherapy. Also articles and screenings.
Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality
The Pink Practice - Is a social constructionist and systemic counselling and psychotherapy practice for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people.


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