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  Gay Issues - Gay a sobriquet for homosexuality.

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Gay Issues
Gays - Males

Gay Rights

Don Slater - Founder Homosexual Information Center
Gay Bisexual Male Youth Suicide Studies - Demographic work done on the basis of sexual orientation. These results challenge most established beliefs about the male youth suicide problem in the field of suicidology
Homosexuality Common Questions & Statements Addressed 
The Gay Gene - Biological and genetic studies relating to sexual orientation.
Veterans For Human Rights - This site's main focus is on gays in the military
A Guide to Lesbian Babymaking - A step-by-step look at all the issue you need to consider
Combating Homophobia - A listing of tips for everyone, not just lesbians, on ways to overcome societal oppression.
IIAV (International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement
International Lesbian Information Service (ILIS)
Land Dyke Connection
Lesbian Archive & Information Centre - Lesbian Archive & Information Centre. LAIC contains the UK's largest & most significant collection of materials about Lesbian lives
Lesbian Archive and Information Centre - Scotland UK
Lesbian Archives Nijmegen
Lesbianism Made Easy - Hysterical excerpts from the very popular book.
Lesbian History Project
Page of Enlightment -   Lesbianity Test - Find out whether you are lesbian or straight and if you are the butch or femme type.
Test is just for fun.
The ElectraPages/Feminist & Lesbian Resources
Anything that Moves - A tasteful and informative Website for the "Classic Bisexual"
Bi Org - A massive listing of resources both on and off-line for anyone interested in bisexuality
BiSexual Options - A  clearinghouse for information about bisexuality, including a listing of Bi Web pages by city. Contains resources often not included in similar pages such as reading lists, news stories, biographies, and a great Internet directory
Bisexual Resource List - A compilation of resources useful to bisexual and bifriendly people.
Brief History of the Bisexual Movement - An essay by Liz A. Highleyman with links to a bi-reading list, Q&A pages, and further resources
Gay Bisexual and Lesbian Youth Resources   - Contains links to homepages, regional resources by country, and international resources.

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