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  Depression - Generally a mood state characterized by a sense of inadequacy, a feeling of despondency, a decrease in activity or reactivity, pessimism, sadness and related symptoms. ( A. S. Reber. 1985 )

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Australia's Premier Bipolar Website
Bipolar Bulletin Board - A warm and friendly bulletin board where bipolars meet to offer warmth caring and support to each other. All bipolars are welcome
Bipolar Children and Teens - Bipolar information, particularly directed toward the child and teen perspective. Highly recommended for all parents of bipolar children.
Bipolar Disorder - Joy Ikleman's Pages -A good site web page written by a bipolar for bipolars.
Bipolar Disorder - What is it? - A serious look into Bipolar Disorder and help in finding treatment
A Bipolar Expression - A refreshing perspective from a bipolar presenting views on society through writings, poetry and art. A strong advocate against stigma from individuals to the media, and its effect on the mentally ill.
Bipolar Disorder - The Pendulum Pages: Nicely designed and presented page featuring information on bipolar disorder and other mood disorders. Complete with search engine.
Bipolar Disorder - The Pendulum Pages: Nicely designed and presented page featuring information on bipolar disorder ("manic depressive illness") and other mood disorders. Current, clever, clean. Complete with search engine.
Bipolar Disorder Links
Bipolar Disorders Information Site - Home of "Ask The Expert"!! Excellent site including chat forum, treatments, links and lots more
Bipolar FAQ’s
Bipolar Illness FAQ - Answers many of those questions and answers posed by both newly diagnosed and "old-time" bipolars. Read it, print it out and keep it for handy reference
Bipolar Planet
Bipolar Significant Others Mailing List and Home Page
Bipolar World - One of the better personal bipolar web sites. Lots of information, stories, poetry, humor and special sections about weight gain from psychiatric drugs and what one can do about it.
Bud and Linda's Place - Bipolar Disorder
Depression and Bipolar Links
HealthGuide: Bipolar
Moodswing - Online Resources for People With Bipolar Disorder
Pendulum Resources on Bipolar Affective Disorder, Manic Depression
The South African Bipolar HomePage
Clinical Criteria for Cyclothymia
Cyclothymia - A Little Top Happy
Cyclothymia - Compulsive Grief
Cyclothymia Relentless Remorse, Compulsive Grief.
HealthGuide: Bipolar Disorder, Cyclothymia
The Port Society for Manic Depressive Individuals
Dysthymia  - By I Goldberg
Information About Dysthymia - Kocsis; Hallon; Klein

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