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Phobias - A terms from the Greek meaning fear, dread or aversion. ( A. S. Reber.  1998 )

Agoraphobia and Other Mental Disorders - Learn about mental disorders, current medicine and applied treatments. Includes government agencies, medical facts and private organizations.
Claustrophobic Society
Emetophobia - This is our website about us and how we live with emetophobia on a day to day basis. We are group of friends who met a few years ago online with one thing in common, this horrible fear. We offer support and help and friendship to anyone who suffers from this phobia, but most of all, we offer understanding.
Gill’s PD & Agrophobia Pages -  Agoraphobia my experience, Understanding panic, Panic explained, Helping each other, Baby Steps and more. Also other Christian family pages, poetry, recipes and more.
Mastering Phobias
Mike's Page of Phobias
Panic Attacks & Phobias - Educates you about medically proven treatments for panic attacks, anxiety, phobias and stress.
Phobia List
Simple Phobia


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