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  Sexual Dysfunction - An umbrella term used to describe a number of sexual problems which inhibits normal sexual relations.

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Sexual Dysfunctions
Male Erectile Insufficiency
CYN Male Sexual Dysfunction Center - Explains about erectile dysfunction, its causes and possible treatments. Features a glossary of terms and links to impotence sites.


Impotence Research - Short report on impotence with general summary and an overview of current research
Impotence - NIH
Impotence Partnerships
Irving Weiss - A national listing of impotence specialists
Male Inadequacy Support Group
Male Sexual Dysfunction: Impotence
Psychological Aspects of Erectile Disorders - RA Carroll - NorthWestern U (US)
New Successfully Treating Impotence - Online resource for causes and cures to impotence.
What Is Impotence and What Causes It?
Male Premature Ejaculation
Early Ejaculation
Ending Premature Ejaculation - An easy to follow explanation and tutorial
Male Sexual Dysfunction - Premature Ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation Remedies
Male General Disorders
A-typical Kleinfelters Syndrome
Diagnostic Center for Men - A nation-wide network of specialty medical clinics which exclusively evaluate and treat men with sexual dysfunction.
Endocrine System and Impotence - Factsheet from the Endocrine Society with advice about various forms of erectile dysfunction. Covers libido and ejaculation problems
Exhibitionism & Exhibitionism Recovery - Exhibitionism & Exhibitionism Recovery. This is a gateway page to the OuttaControl Behavior Test
Impotence, Viagra, Vacuum Pump, Penis Pump, Constriction Rings, Erection Prob - Impotence, Viagra, Vacuum Pump, Penis Pump, Constriction Rings, Erection Problems, Erections, Osbon, Diabetes, Mission, Encore,Joel Kaplan, Dr
Kleinfelters Syndrome
Kleinfelters Syndrome
New Male Sexual Dysfunction Institute
On-line Sexual Disorders Screening for Men
Problems with Sexual Desire and Activity - Although geared towards men, much of this excellent advice is equally applicable to both genders.
Sex, Love, Relationships and Pornography Addiction
True Male Multiorgasmic Response -- Previous Studies  

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