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  Child Psychology - Generally taken as the most neutral umbrella term for the interdisciplinary science that studies the child in any large number of systematic ways.

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Child in Hospital

Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program
AACAP - Children & Grief - Check out other Fact Sheets from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in our Library. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry home page offers breaking news, pamphlets and links on issues related to children's mental
Adolescent Depression
Childhood Depression
New Childhood Depression - Information about The Childhood Depression Sourcebook
Children and Depression
Depression in Children and Adolescents - An excellent site.
Behavioral Problems
Child Behavior Checklist
Children and Grief  - Children And Grief When a family member dies, children react differently from adults. Preschool children usually see death as temporary and reversible--a belief reinforced by cartoon characters who "die" and "come to life" again.
Children Who Won't Go to School
Conduct Disorders
Disruptive Behavior Disorders - Information about conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and antisocial behavior in children and teens. - Dedicated to the dissemination of information about and treatment of enuresis. Info for professionals in psychiatric, psychological, and medical professions, parents, and kids, including on and off-line resources
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
The Challenge of Difficult Children - Insights on Parenting children, because good enough parenting and common sense just won't do it sometimes

Also see Behavioural Disorders.

Child Development Institute - A commercial site that provides free information on parenting, child development, child psychology, health and safety, learning disabilities and teens.
Child Development On-Line - Online resource for information related to attention deficit disorder dyslexia learning disabilities reading improvement child psychology child development family relationships and parenting.
Children and Developmental Guidelines
Classic Theories of Child Development  - Linda Chapman's hypertext tutorial about the theories of Freud, Mahler and Erikson
Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities Resources
New Developmental & Behavioral Screening
Human Development - Infancy and Childhood
Margaret Mahler's Theory of Development
Nick Sushkin's Developmental Theories Page
NNCC Child Development Database
Temperament - Information about temperamental individuality in infants, children and adults. Research and practical information about temperamental characteristics in research and practice
Treatment Issues in Developmental Psychology
Young Children's Social Development - A checklist

Also see Jean Piaget Page

Also see Developmental Disorders

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Balmoral Children's Behavioral Program - Comprehensive resources for professionals and families working with children who have severe behavioral problems. This site is well worth a visit.
Being into Down Syndrome - Everything you wanted and needed to know about Down syndrome is here
Child/Adolescent Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy - Introduction to basic concepts and an invitation to enter into an interactive dialogue aboout this and related topics
Childhood Schizophrenia
Child Research Net
Child Sex Abuse: Prevention Resources.
Children's Mental Health Partnership
Children Now - Whole range of information on childrens issues: parenting, schools, violence, media, health etc
Dealing with Childhood Problems
Clinical Child Psychology - This web site was very easy to locate. The site includes information about clininal child psychology. Including membership, publication and task forces along with other information. I feel this site was very helpful with answering clinical psychology questions. The information was very clear, the graphic were simple. The section offered were broken down into specific areas of clinical psychology.
Paediatric and Family Psychology
Psychiatrist Provides Example on Abused Children, PTSD, ADHD, nightmares, bulimia, school phobia, hair pulling (trichotillomania).
Psychology of Parental Abduction of Children - Excellent report on the psychology behind child abduction
Rare Genetic Disease’s in Children
Resource Center - Mental Health Issues. Resource Center. of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Psychology Magazine. Your Child Learn Responsible Behavior.
Selective Mutism Foundation
Special Needs - Comprehensive Special Needs information for the UK
The Child Psychologist  Rene Thomas Folse has created a site that focuses on Specific Disorders and Other Reasons for Concern about the behavior of children, and Treatment, Resources and Remediation of some of these disorders and concerns.
UPEI Infant Study Programmes - Research focusing on early childhood development.
World Association for Infant Mental Health
Books, Articles and Other Information
Boys and Girls and Violent Video Games - by J.B. Funk, Ph.D., D.D. Buchman, MS, and J. N. Germann.
Child Development - Bi-monthly journal from the University of Chicago Press
Child Development Abstracts - Abstracts (only) of articles from a wide range of journals. Keyword searchable.
Child Psychology Papers - Various position papers on the topic of child psychology. You can read the abstracts and decide to order reprints.
Critical Issues for Children and Youths - A series of articles.
Disruptive Children Do Not Outgrow It Without Help - By L.C. Capage, B.A., C. B. McNeil, Ph.D., A. Bahl, B.A., and H. Blanc.
Paediatric Psychiatry - by Gene J. Weiss
Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health Bibliography
Teenagers Problems - Articles, resources and references
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