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Face Blindness - Prosopagnosia - Basically, it means that  a person is unable to recognize faces.

Agnosia - Not strictly prosopagnosia but similar cognitive inabilities
Agnosia - Information about agnosia, including prospagnosia, from the Behavioral Neuropsychology web site.
Bill's Pages Entitled - "Face Blind!"
DRM Web Watcher - A Disability Resources Monthly guide to the best online resources about prosopagnosia (face blindness)
Face Blind - Bill Choisser This is a site about face blindness. In these pages you will learn how most people recognize others and then how those with face blindness do. Interesting info on how and why people use vision as a means of emotional and vital survival. You can also learn ways to deal with the disability. The author of this page thoroughly covers the subject matter and provides unique reading material.
Face Blind Folks - Information about a mailing list for people with prosopagnosia.
Prosopagnosia - Glenn Alperin Experiences of a young adult living with prosopagnosia, a condition whereby the person is unable to recognize the faces of other people. The author includes an introduction and FAQ to this rare problem
Prosopagnosia. -  By Tranel, D., & Damasio, A. R. (1985). Knowledge without awareness: An autonomic index of facial recognition by prosopagnosics
Selected Poetry from the writings of a person with prosopagnosia - A very small selection of my poetry can be found here. Please follow the links to see some of my poems.
The DRM WebWatcher: Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness) - A Disability Resources Monthly guide to the best online resources about prosopagnosia
Visual Agnosia - Visual Agnosia Apperceptive Visual Agnosia Cannot recognise by shape Cannot copy drawings Often involves Prosopagnosia Associative Visual Agnosia Can copy but unaware what it is Difficulty in transferring visual info to verbal mechanisms Copy Draw


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