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  Depression - Generally a mood state characterized by a sense of inadequacy, a feeling of despondency, a decrease in activity or reactivity, pessimism, sadness and related symptoms.

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Self Injury 
Cutting and Self-Mutilation

Exploring Self-Injury
Helping Those Who Hurt Themselves
Living on the Edge - Article about Self-Injury
Mollykat's Self Injury Links
SelfHarm - NCB's Information Resource on the Internet
Self Help for SI
Self Injury - A Struggle
Self-Injury and Trauma Home Page
Self Injury Information and Resources - By K Reeve - UK
Self Injury Page - Personal page with links
Scars To Match The Inside
New Secret Shame - Information and support for those who self injure and self cut.
Self-Help for Self-Injury' by Anonymous
Suicide & Self-Injury - Holland Cross Psychology
The Hidden Truth. - This site is to give information to people and tell about myself and my self-harming, and to hopefully give some help to those people who wish to stop, or want to know how to
Women and Self-Injury - "Self-injury" is any sort of self-harm which involves inflicting injuries or pain on one's own body. It can take many forms
Puerperal Depression ( Postpartum ) 
Action on Puerperal Psychosis (APP) UK
Babies and the "Blues" - The biology behind post-partum depression.
Bipolar Disorders Letter 11/98 - New Findings on Use of Mood Stabilizers During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period. Treating women with bipolar disorder who become pregnant or who want to.
Brochure Puerperal Psychosis UK- Action on Puerperal Psychosis. Jackie Benjamin - APP Co-ordinator. What is Action on Puerperal Psychosis?
New Minnie's Depression / Baby Blues Information Page - Post Partum / Post Nata Depression & The Baby Blues. Post Partum Depression and the Baby Blues are not the same thing
Postnatal Depression  - As many as one woman in five may experience postnatal depression (PND). This leaflet will help you decide whether you have, or someone you care about has.
Post Natal Depression - Different Types of Depression: Post natal depression. Introduction. Each mother's experience of having a baby is unique
Post Natal Depression UK - Post-Natal Depression (now often referred to as 'PND') means becoming depressed after having a baby
Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Essay - Postpartum Depression. Women's Health. Depression is two times more common in women as in men. The link between reproductive status and depression
Postpartum Psychoses: Prognosis and Risk Factors - A follow-up study of postpartum psychoses: Prognosis and risk factors for readmission
Puerperal Illness Information UK
Update on Postpartum Mood Disorder - An Update on Postpartum Mood Disorders. October 1996. by Laura Miller, M.D. Clinicians since Hippocrates have noted mood disturbances in new mothers.
What is PND? - What is PND? The term "Postnatal Depression" can be used to describe a number postnatal conditions, from "Baby Blues" at one end of the scale to puerperal.

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