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  Sexual Dysfunction - An umbrella term used to describe a number of sexual problems which inhibits normal sexual relations.

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Sexual Dysfunctions
Female Vaginismus

Vaginismus 1
Vaginismus 2
Female Painful Intercourse
Painful Intercourse
Painful Sexual Relations - Discussion about the problem of painful intercourse (dyspareunia) in women. With causes and treatments information.
Sexuality & Pain - Gives helpful strategies for dealing with this problem, advice about Kegal exercises, and explains about the female sexual response cycle.
Vulvar Pain Syndrome - Article from Self-Help and Psychology Magazine. Provides advice about national organizations that can provide support and further resources.
Female General Disorders
About the Vomeronasal Organ - Florida State U. (US)
FAQ-Problems with Sex and Desire - Woman's Diagnostic Cyber frequently asked questions FAQs about sex response, pain and desire
BehaveNet® Clinical Capsule™: Female Orgasmic DisorderFemale Orgasmic Disorder - Women with this sexual dysfunction disorder experience delay in or absence of sexual orgasm.
Female Sexual Health
Feminism and Women's Studies - This page publishes women's studies and feminist works, particularly focusing on issues of sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultural practices
Counseling for Sexual Addiction - Nymphomania etc.
On Nymphomania - A Newitz
Nymphomania - is a layperson's term used to label a woman whose sex drive or sexual activity is subjectively deemed too high. This is not a scientifically meaningful term because there are no specific criteria defining how much sexual desire or activity is too much.
On-line Sexual Disorders Screening for Women
Woman's Therapy Centre - Devoted To Women's Physical and Emotional Health: Vaginismus, Sexual Dysfunctions, Pelvic Pain, Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia, Sexual Abuse & other...

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