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  Sexual Dysfunction - An umbrella term used to describe a number of sexual problems which inhibits normal sexual relations.

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Sexual Dysfunctions
Fetishism - Catholic Encyclopedia
Fetishism - Resources and information on sexuality and sexual fetishes.
Fetishism - Resources and information on sexuality and sexual fetishes.
Fetishism and Curiosity - Indiana University Press Fetishism and Curiosity Laura Mulvey Feminist cultural theorist on fetishism and contemporary culture. Writer and filmmaker Laura Mulvey is widely regarded as one of the most challenging and incisive contemporary feminist..
Mental Health Net - Fetishism Symptoms
Mental Health Net - Frotteurism Symptoms - General symptoms of frotteurism
Mental Health Net - Frotteurism Symptoms - Disorders and Treatment
New Mental Health Net - Pedophilia Symptoms - General symptoms of pedophilia
PedoWatch: Monitoring Pedophilia and Child Pornography on the Internet  - Non-profit organization for protecting children by monitoring and investigating child porn on the Net. French and English.
Sexual Masochism  
Sadomasochism - Sadomasochism is a paraphilia that combines both sadistic and masochistic sexual behavioral patterns. The main characteristic of sadomasochism is the eroticizing of pain.
Mental Health Net - Sexual Masochism and Sadism Symptoms - Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving the
Sexual Masochism and Sadism - Sado masochism
Sexual Sadism
New BehaveNet® Clinical Capsule™: Sexual Sadism - BehaveNet® Clinical Capsule™: "DSM-IV: Sexual Sadism" Warnings and Disclaimers Individuals with this paraphilia use sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving infliction of pain, suffering or humiliation to enhance or achieve sexual excitement.
Voyeurism - Counseling for sexual addiction, pornography, masturbation, voyeurism, fetishes, pedophilia, necrophilia. Sex addiction recovery and related addictions such as: alcohol, drugs, overeating, workaholism, gambling. Marriage counseling is offered as part of the healing process.

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