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Social Dysfunction - An umbrella term used to describe a variety of emotional problems largely experience in social situations.

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Beyond Shyness - For individuals who are experiencing problems with social anxiety, shyness, social phobias, social skills or unstable relationships.
Craig's Shyness Resource Page
Resources for Shy People
Shyness Can Affect Your Career - Shyness can have a profoundly negative effect on your career. Learn more about shyness and how to overcome this debilitating problem
Shyness & Social Anxiety - Audio Introduction An introduction by Jonathan Berent in Realaudio. Also available in .WAV format (1.2meg). Food For Thought Still misunderstood and often underestimated.
Shyness and Social Phobia- Do not have to interfere with achieving professional and interpersonal goals. The pain of shyness can be relieved by challenging maladaptive thoughts and beliefs, and learning new behaviors.
Shyness Home Page
Fears - Also see Phobias Page
Pegasus Foundation - Fear of Flying
Social Phobia

Also See Counselling Psychology


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