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  Borderline Personality Disorder - Patterns of behaviour that resemble features of both the personality disorders and more severe psychological disorders.

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Biological Unhappiness - Many articles on the borderline personality disorder. Discussion of book "Biological Unhappiness" by Dr. Heller about AD(D)D, OCD, OCPD, GAD, panic disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, phobias, PMS, borderline peronality disorder and more.
Borderline Personality -Borderline personality / regression / developmental phases / gender dysphoria and mental health. with this information on-line.
Borderline Personality Disorder - New Treatments 1999 - Advances in the Treatment of Borderline Personality.
Borderline Personality Disorder - An inside view of borderline personality disorder and self-harm, written by someone with these problems
Borderline Personality Disorder 1
Borderline Personality Disorder 2
Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality DisorderBorderline Personality Disorder --- Langley's book Edward S. Hume, M.D., J.D. Self-Management Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder --- A Therapist-Guided

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