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  Cognitive Psychology - A general approach to psychology emphasizing the internal mental processes.

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Cognitive Science 1
Antonella Pavese's Cognitive Psychology - Describes research in cognitive psychology, vita and publications


Auditory Perception Demonstrations
Blending and Conceptual Integration Cognition as Compression - Describes the idea that a primary function of perception, learning and thinking is compression of information.
Centre for Cognitive Sciences FTP (anonymous)
Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
Centre for the Neural Basis of Cognition
COGENT - A cognitive modelling system (for Windows and UNIX), intended for use by cognitive psychologists
Cognition as Compression - Describes the idea that a primary function of perception, learning and thinking is compression of information
Cognitive & Vision Science’s - Links and resources about vision and cognition.
Cognition & Affect Project - The
Cognition and Affect Behavior - Index
Cognitive and Psychological Sciences Link Major - Stanford University
Cognitive Science - Helsinki
Cognitive Science, Psychology and Linguistics
Cognitive Science - University of Hamburg
Cognitive Science Academic Programs
Cognitive Science at the University of Hamburg FTP Site for Articles: Directory: pub/doc/cognition
Cognitive Science Discussion List
Cognitive Science at the WWW Virtual Library
Cognitive Sciences Laboratory
Cognitive Science Resources on the Internet
Cognitive Science (Stanford)
Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Web - Large directory of links covering everything from academic programs to publishers to software
Cognitive Science Server
Cognitive Science Society -Pittsburgh
Cognitive Science/Psychology - Indiana
Cognitive Science/Psychology _ Stanford
Cognitive Science/Psychology 1
Cognitive Science/Psychology 2
Cognitive Science/Psychology - Sussex University UK
Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive - UK CogPrints collects papers in areas of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics etc.
Connexions - An interactive site and discussion list for philosophers and cognitive scientists excited and puzzled by the mind - Sheffield University UK
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
David Chalmers' Consciousness Page - Issues in cognitive science, consciousness, artificial intelligence, and more.
Epistemology and Consciousness
Face Recognition Using Principal Components Analysis - Glasgow University UK
Force, Information, and Cognitive Principles of Dynamic Representations - By Kai X. Miao. Basic cognitive principles of how the human mind conceives of mechanical information.
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Method Site
Human Cognition in the Human Brain - Presents a model of the way human cognition is implemented in the brain, and a discussion of current problems in cognitive psychology. Strong emphasis on neurobiological realistic view.

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