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  Cognitive Psychology - A general approach to psychology emphasizing the internal mental processes.

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Cognitive Science 2
Indiana University Cognitive Science Programme
Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Memory - from the Exploratorium. Explores the biological, psychological, and cultural aspects of memory, from personal experiences to breakthroughs in cognitive science
MIT Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Music Cognition Activities
Neural Processes of Cognition
Non-Cartesian Cognitive Science - Sussex University UK
Optical Illusions
Pittsburgh Area Cognitive Tutoring Centre
Ratiomorphic Strategies in Human Cognition
Research Group Cognitive Psychology (Deutsche / English)
SOAR - General Cognitive Architecture
The Grey Labyrinth
UCLA Cognitive Sciences Gopher Site.
FTP & Gopher Sites
Centre for Cognitive Sciences UK - FTP (anonymous) connection at:
Cognition & Affect Project - Birmingham University UK
Cognitive Science at the University of Hamburg FTP Site - For articles: Directory: pub/doc/cognition
UCLA Cognitive Sciences - Gopher Site.
Books, Journals and Other Information
Behavioural and Brain Sciences An international, Interdisciplinary Journal.
Consciousness and Neuroscience - Written by Francis Crick and Christof Koch.
Cognitive and Psychology Journals & Magazines
Cognitive Science Research Papers - Sussex University UK
Critical Thinking Guide
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (USA)
Literature, Cognition & the Brain - Research at the intersection of literary studies, cognitive theory, and neuroscience. Includes annotated bibliography, reviews, abstracts, features, and work in progress.
James L. McClelland on Cognition
On-Line SOAR Tutorial - Nottingham University UK
Papers on Cognitive Science (by David Chambers) - Master List
Sensation & Perception Tutorial
SOAR Coloring Book - The

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