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   Sexual Matters - Sexual behavior and sexuality in a Counselling environment.

Acquaintance Rape
Are You a Sexual Addict? 12 Questions
Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Recovering from Rape
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The Safer Sex Page!
Also See Clinical Psychology Page - Sexual Dysfunction
Journals, Books and other Information.
A Closer Look at Sex and Love Addictions - By Coralie Scherer Ph.D. and Al Cooper Ph.D
Good Sex in Long Term Relationships - By Jeanne Shaw Ph.D
Good Sex Is Good For You - By Anthony Fiore Ph.D.
Seven Weeks to Sexual Heaven - By Dagmar O'Conner Ph.D.
Sexuality and Sex Therapy - A Three Part Article by Edward A. Dreyfus Ph.D
Spicing Up Your Sex Life - By Mark Weisner Ph.D.

See also of Clinical Psychology Page Sexual Dysfunctions


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