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   Sexual Abuse - Sexual behavior which is abusive to the person receiving the sexual attentions.

Abuse/Incest Support - Welcome from The Mining Co. - Learn about recovery strategies for survivors, access hot lines and support groups, and look at other common conditions. From The Mining Company.
After Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse  
New Bekah's Tears In The Dark - A website for survivors of child abuse, incest and rape.
Genital Mutilation Survivors' Support Network - A peer support and advocacy group for female and intersexed persons who have been genitally mutilated.
ACOA Incest Survivor's Healing Your Sexual Self
Adult Children of Alcoholic and Dysfunctional Family (ACOA) Incest Survivors - ACOA Incest Survivor, Healing Your Sexual Self, Partners of Survivors, and Incest Survivor's Anonymous ISA meeting formats, readings, slogans, step workshop.
Anonymous Sexual Abuse Recovery (Canada) - Online support to victims and survivors of the trauma of sexual abuse, sexual assault, incest, and child abuse; many online articles.
Fly's Abuse/Survivor Resources - Many resources are made available
SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests - A USA/Canadian self-help organization of men and women who were sexually abused by spiritual
Therapy Abuse Center for Knowledge and Hope - Specific Information Regarding Therapy/Abuse
Victorian Advocates for Survivors of Therapists (VAST) - A support group for people who have been sexually abused by their therapist; any health care practitioner providing a health-related (mental, physical, emotional) service for which they receive payment, whether directly from the client or indirectly through Medicare, insurance, or free-to-the-client community, church or other organization

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