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   Sexual Matters - Sexual behavior and sexuality in a Counselling environment.

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Acquaintance Rape


Ageism - Gay Ageism - Does it exist? There is a lot of discussion within the lesbian and gay community about ageism. The focus being on pristine young people, wearing the right clothing and visiting the right clubs.
Are You a Sexual Addict? 12 Questions
Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Men and Women, Sex and Love - In most societies, little girls are taught that sex is bad. The fact is, "good girls" do, but that early training can add guilt to the experience; from your Mining Co. Guide
Recovering from Rape
New Sensual Love: Sex, Intimacy Couple Resources - Weekly LoveScopes DailyAdviceEzine home > sensual love e-mail editors our features poetry articles tips sex talk kissing erotic foods sensual poll submissions quotes advice home love library.
Sex Directory - A universal guide to safer sex from the U.K. emphasizing condom use
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The Safer Sex Page!
Your Sex Coach - Dr Patti Britton - Your on-line resource for information and advice on human sexuality.
Sex Directory - A universal guide to safer sex from the U.K. emphasizing condom use
Sexual Abuse of Males - An essay by clinical psychologist Jim Hopper.
Viagra Craze - A Time magazine cover story
Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot
Female Sexuality
Some Women Can Think Their Way to Sexual Ecstacy.
Journals, Books and Other Information.
A Closer Look at Sex and Love Addictions - By Coralie Scherer Ph.D. and Al Cooper Ph.D
Good Sex in Long Term Relationships - By Jeanne Shaw Ph.D
Good Sex Is Good For You - By Anthony Fiore Ph.D.
Seven Weeks to Sexual Heaven - By Dagmar O'Conner Ph.D.
New Sexuality and Sex Therapy - A Three Part Article by Edward A. Dreyfus Ph.D
Spicing Up Your Sex Life - By Mark Weisner Ph.D.
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