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   Suicide - An act where a person intentionally kills himself or herself.

A Serotonin Marker for Suicide (HMHL, Mar. 1996)


Archives of Suicide Research
Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention
Befrienders International On-Line
Centre for Therapy and Studies of Suicidal Behavior
Chris Dranfeldts Suicide Help Page
Depression & Suicide
CPS Screening for Suicide Intent. Gopher Site.
Death With Dignity
Depression and Suicidal Behavior
Electronic Archives of Suicide Research. Gopher Site.
Epidemiology of Suicide
Looking for Danger Signs of Suicide   - Recent loss of a friend or a family member (or even a pet) through death or suicide.
Mass Suicides -- The Power of Belief
Melancholic Side of The Moon
New Practical Art of Suicide Assessment. Shea - A no nonsense approach to suicide assessment for the busy clinician... The Practical Art of Suicide Assessment: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals and Substance Abuse Counselors Shawn Christopher Shea, MD
Serotonin Measures in Suicide
Suicide Facts
Suicide Information & Education Centre (SIEC)
Suicide Loss
Suicide Prevention. Gopher Site.
New Suicide Assessment - Suicide Assessment Richard Niolon, Ph.D. (312)362-0491and Helpful Links: Center for Personal Development Psychpage links on Beginning Therapy Behavioral Family Therapy Bowenian Family Therapy Defenses The DSM IV Therapist/Client Matching
New Suicide Assessment and Evaluation - Suicide Assessment Evaluation A person who engages in suicide ideation or planning has lost all hope in his or her ability to over come the problems in their life and feels helpless to control the events.
New Suicide Assessment Guidelines - Guidelines for Identification, Assessment, and Treatment Planning for Suicidality Developed by the Suicide Risk Advisory Committee of the Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions. 1996 Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard
The Center for Therapy and Studies of Suicidal Behavior
The Real World - Suicide
The Suicide Paradigm - Comprehensive information resource about suicide from a disease model perspective; glossary; professional ethics issues; traumatic loss and parental bereavement.


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