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   Environmental Psychology - Involves the complex inter-actions between people and their environment.

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Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma (Italy)

Dr. Robert Gifford - Interests in environmental, personality, and social psychology.
Earth Watch - Promotes scientific research, experiential learning, and global citizenship
Ecological Modelling (ISEM)
Ecological Psychology
Ecopsychology Online - Ecopsychology is the synthesis of ecology and psychology. It has applications not only in personal therapy but in environmental politics and law. It has been described as the skillful application of ecological insights to the practice of psychotherapy and as the search for an environmentally-based definition of mental health
EcopsychologyWeb - EcopsychologyWeb the global guide to our psychological relationship with nature, including definitions of ecopsychology, links to antecedents and related knowledge, resources including literature, other media and the internet, tools for change and eminent and interested ecopsychologists and related people.
EcoWeb, University of Virginia
Environmental Health Information
Environmental Psychology - By Dr. Chris Jazwinski
Environmental Psychology - A place to meet those interested in environmental psychology: the study of human-environment.
Environmental Psychology - Explanation of the field, with definitions.
Environmental Psychology Group Page - Centre for Organizational Health and Development. Department of Psychology University of Nottingham
Environmental Psychology Home Page - Don Miles's page with links to research and information. 
Books, Journals, Other Information 
Advances in Environmental Psychology
Allyn & Bacon Catalog. Environmental Psychology. - Earth's Eleventh Hour: Environmental Readings from The Washington Post Writers Group.
Environmental Newsletter - Offers the latest news on environmental issues
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