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  Experiment - Is an arrangement of conditions or procedures for the purpose of testing some hypothesis. The design of the experiment focuses on (a) the antecedent conditions themselves (independent variable) and (b) the outcome or results of the experiments ( dependent variable ).

Correlational versus Experimental Studies

Experimental Design - Athabasca University
Experimental Design -  Experimental Design. What effects our ability to get a good result?
Experimental Design Resource Listing
Experimental Design Typology by Dr. Jazwinski - Experimental Design Typology. Experimental research has the goal of discovering cause effect relationships
GFA - Experimental Design -Sometimes we produce mock-ups and designs that can only be called xperimental.This portfolio area is dedicated to presenting these experimental designs.
Internet Psychology Laboratory
Introduction to Research
Methods of Psychological Research
Qualitative Research & Analysis Server 
Research Design Explained - A Site dealing with Research Design.
Research Problem Formulation
Research Ideas for Students
WWW - Experimental Psychology Sites
Experimental Design Related
Application Notes on Experimental Design and Optimization – Application notes is a series of short articles on different practical optimization

Conducting an Experiment

Correlational versus Experimental Studies
Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes
Guide to Selecting Statistics - By Bill Trochim of Cornell University, helps you figure out the types of statistics you should use to analyse your data in a step-by-step interactive questionnaire.
Hypertext Guide to Writing Research Reports. Experimental and Research Method Students
Research Methods - This page, maintained by the American Communication Association has an excellent selection of links relevant to research methods and statistics
Research Methods Text
Research Methods, Statistics, and Diagnostic Issues
Research Randomizer
Statistics Packages FAQs and Other Aids for Analyzing Data



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