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   Statistics - Very generally, the branch of mathematics, pure and applied, which deals with collecting, classifying and analyzing data.

Aids to Statistical Analysis


Behavioral Statistics
Central Limit Theorem 
David Howell's Statistical Issues Web Site 
Descriptive Statistics, Probability Theory, and Experiments - With Links to Many Related Sites.
Gpower - Statistical Information
HyperStat Online
Inferential Statistics
International Association for Statistics Education. - Gopher:
Introductory Statistics -   Concepts, Models, and Applications 
Meta-Analysis Statistical Procedure
Multivariate Statistics: A Practical Guide
Multivariate Statistics -   Concepts, Models, and Application
National Center for Health Statistics   U.S. Government Agency
Pitfalls of Data Analysis
Probability Theory
Random Number Generation
Resampling Statistics
Selecting Statistics
Stat Selector - Suggests the proper statistical  based on the parameters of one's study.
Statistical Services
Statistics and Experimental Design Links.
Statistics and Statistical Graphing
Statistics on the Web -   Clay Helberg
Statistics Glossary
Statistics Quick Reference
Statistics On the Web
Statistics Server
Statistiska Institutionen (Swedish)
Statlets - Java Statistical Applets
StatPages Archive
StatSoft Electronic Textbook
The CHANCE Database Welcome Page - This data base contains materials designed help teach a CHANCE course or a more standard introductory probability or statistics course. The CHANCE course is a case study quantitative literacy course developed cooperatively by Middlebury, Grinnell, Spelman, University of California San Diego, University of Minnesota, and Dartmouth.
UCLA Statistics Page
WWW Virtual Library: Statistics


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