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   Criminology - The field of scinetificl investigation concerned with the study of crime, the criminal, the victim and the administration of justice.

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American Society of Criminology - News - American Society of Criminology. News. Call for Papers. Abstract Form. Panel Form. 1997 ASC Annual Meeting Program. The Fourth Biennial Conference

Measuring Facial Features

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
Campaign for Equity - Restorative Justice - Working together to reinvent justice using methods that are fair; which conserve, restore and even create harmony, equity and good will in society
Clinical Criminology Home Page - Clinical criminology is a para-medical profession, similar to forensic psychology as practised in Australia, the US and elsewhere.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Legal Communications Online
University of Melbourne's Criminology Links
Books, Publications & References
About Juristat, Criminology Information Service & Library - Search Juristat. NEWS! Directory. Grad Programs. Information Service. Publications. WWW Links. About Juristat. Browse the full Juristat Index.
Injustice Studies - A refereed international electronic journal that helps focus academic attention on the study of injustices around the world.
World Wide Criminology : Ezine

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