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   Industrial Psychology - A branch of applied psychology. Also called Organisational or Business Psychology

Abraham Maslow - Abraham Maslow Understanding Human Motivation A member of the Chicago dynasty of psychologists and sociologists, Abraham Maslow published his theory of human motivation in 1943. Its popularity continues unabated.


Academy of Management - Organizational & Management Therapy Division
Air Force Behavioural Science Corner - This site is developed by the Air Force in dealing with the mental health of its servicemen. This page also contains issues in clinical psychology concerning occupational hazards.
Albert Mehrabian - Personality Scales for Different Settings
American Evaluation Association - International professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation.
Bad Human Factors Design
Business Psychology UK
Carpenters Forensic Science Resources
Center for Leadership & Career Studies - Nation's first and only school for chief executives and emerging top leaders of America's most prominent corporations
Center for the Study of Work Teams - Sources for Team related issues, also conferences information.
Children and Advertising - UK
Cognitive Work Analysis - Human Factors papers at the University of Toronto
Cornells Human Factors & Ergonomics Programme
Employee Motivation and Empowerment
Engineering Psychology
Ergonomics - UK
European Network of Organizational & Work Psychology
Gender and Advertising
Greg Santos Industrial Psychology
Groups and Teams - Information about groups and teams - the processes and the dynamics. Also has links to programs for team building and enhancement.
High Performance Team - Resource for businesses and organizations interested in harnessing the power of teams to achieve business objectives.
Human Awareness Institute
Human Factors International - Ensuring usability and systems consistency through software ergonomics, human factors science and design artistry.
Human Factors Links
Human Factors & Ergonomics Lists
Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of America
Human Factors and Ergonomics Resources on the World Wide Web
Human Factors Page
Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Industrial and Organisational Psychology - The University of Canterbury Introduction History General information Courses Diploma Contact Links to other I/O Courses.
Industrial Psychology (CSUH)
Internet Survival Guide of I/O Psychology - Internet sites valuable to both practitioners and researchers in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, HR Management, statistics and methodology.
Meaning of Work Research Center - Promotes advanced HRM praxis using motivational programs, work stress management, career development, diversity management, and global management
Occupational Stress Page
Occupational Therapy Association - USA
Organisational and Occupational Psychiatry and Psychology - Guys, Kings and St.Thomas's Medical and Dental Schools UK 
Psychology of Advertising
Stress UK - For all those interested in personal and occupational stress management
Sources in Industrial Psychology
The Occupational Stress Page
TISHA'S Page on Industrial/Organizational Psychology - Consumer Psychology What is Consumer Psychology? Consumer Psychology is an interdisciplinary examination of the relationship between people and the marketplace. Links to other sites on the Web.
Workplace Violence - On-Line Sources


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