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Psychological Games & Puzzles             

Bio Rhythms -  Enter your date of birth, check your biorhythms, and find out how you will be functioning physically, emotionally, intellectually, and intuitively during any month.
Brain Games - Test your memory and intuition.
Brainweek Puzzle Answers - Crossword puzzles, anagrams, and word scrambles related to the brain. 
Dr. Katz; Professional Therapist - Try the comic strip for a static dose of humor.
Hangman for Psychologists - Download the newest version of the game, now called HangIt.
Linda Walsh's Jeopardy Game
Mind Games For All To Try!
Optical Illusions - Offers an excellent selection of classic and not so classical visual illusions
Paul Sloane's list of Classica Lateral Thinking Puzzles
Psychology Hangman - Download the Newest Version of the Game C Hangit
Psychology Self-Quizzes
Puzzle Connection
Random Research Question Page
Rozie's IQ Tests and Alphabet Graphics
Sensation/Perception Jeopardy - Linda Walsh's Jeopardy Game for her Introduction to Psychology students.
Serendip Games
Test Your Memory and Intuition
The Grey Labyrinth - A playground for the curious mind. The thoughts, riddles and paradoxes presented here are meant as a lure.
The Prisoners Dilemma
Psycholigists Crossword.
Zener ESP Card Test - OK, so psychologists probably don't play with this very much, but you can test yourself, anyway.


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