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  PsychNet-UK is an independent private web site which was conceived, developed and is run for the benefit of  mental health professionals or those interested in mental health practices. Our goal is to become the preferred UK information access point of students, professionals or those who want to know more about the psychological sciences. PsychNet-UK is growing!  From initial launch in June 1998 our link database has increased from 500 to over 7500. The site is constantly evolving and being improved with now over 450 pages, our hit-rate is over 15,000 visits per month and climbing, and with over 250 major academic institutions / professional sites linking directly to PsychNet-UK,  a membership of  some 12 webbing and more planned, and over 800 regular bookmarker visitors, we are on target to achieve our goal.

Another first,  was PsychNet-UK's FREE email account, the only mental health site to offer such a service.  Inclusion of our UK Portal, site and WWW search engines has also been a great success. Our most recent site addition is the partnership set-up with Ananova the News Site this has been designed to bring you the latest mental health and worldwide news.

Like all successes, time, cost and commitment demands also increase. Therefore we are seeking Organisations, Companies or Academic Institutions, involved in psychology or the related sciences, to take out sponsorship with PsychNet-UK.

There are no hard or fast rules to sponsorship, we offer a number of options, all cost effective and very competitive. For this you may have your own advertising banner or a symbol that identifies your sponsorship commitment. Its as simple as that!  Interested?  Then PsychNet-UK with your sponsorship suggestions.

Look for this sponsorship symbol and please visit their sites

Thank You from PsychNet-UK

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