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   Psychology of Religion - A sub-division of psychology which concentrated on spiritual aspects of human behavior.

Alternatives Christian Counselling - There are currently over 400 Mental Disorders cataloged and described in the DSM-IV. [Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Vol. IV]


Analytical Psychology and Religion
Christian Counselling - We are a non-profit Christian Ministry that helps you evaluate your situation by using one of our self report assessments.
Cornerstone Counseling Services -- This is an agency which integrates Christian thought with traditional counseling.
Council on Spiritual Practices
Into the Eye of the Storm - Explores spiritual and transpersonal solutions to crime and violence.
Mental Health, Religion & Culture - Carfax Home Journal Information
Pastoral Counseling: A National Mental Health Resource - A National Mental Health Resource Pastoral Counseling
PRODIGY'S Religion Interest Group - You can find Christian resources in the Faith Groups.
Psychology and Christianity
Psychology and the Bible - How psychology fits with the Bible and the evangelical church. Please read the disclaimer at the beginning of the article.
Psychology of Religion - By Christine Norstrand, with many links to sites with information about what  many major psychological theorists have had to say about religion
Psychology of Religion - - Resources for people interested in psychology and religion. Includes course syllabi, bibliography, theoretical perspectives, addresses of professional organizations, and William James's Varieties of Religious Experience.
Psychology of Religion   - University. of Nijmegen, Netherlands
Psychology of Religion's Future - Four of the field's experts discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and future.
Spirituality in Counselling
Sociology of Religion - An online publication by Sociology in Switzerland. It publishes papers in English and German.
The Testament of Truth - Contains mental health carers manual & ISIS suicide document
Books, Journals and Information  
Books About Christian Psychotherapy
New International Journal for the Psychology of Religion - The journal is described as "Devoted to psychological studies of religious processes and phenomena in all religious traditions.
Notable People in Psychology of Religion - Dr. M. Nielsen's overview of the classic views of William James, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Gordon Allport, Abraham Maslow, and Alfred Adler.
Jung Notes   - A summary of Jung's psychology of religion by Marc Fonda, Ph.D.
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