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   Virtual Reality - Applying computer simulations or virtual reality principles to psychological problems.

Artificial Innocence - UK-  Interactions Between Children's Drawings and AI

Assessing a Virtual Reality Surgical Skills Simulator
Communicating Emotions Using Virtual Reality - UK.
Dealing in Futures: Folk Psychology and the Role of Representations in Cognitive Science
Exposure Therapy in VR
International Journal of Virtual Reality
Medical Applications in Virtual Reality
Simulator Sickness in Virtual Environments
The KidsRoom
The Virtual Body Project
Virtual Reality & Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Virtual Reality Resource Guide
Virtual Reality and Acrophobia
Virtual Reality for Training
Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation
What Is Virtual Reality ?
WorldToolKit - Library of C-language functions for building VR applications
Software - Virtual Reality (VR)
Shareware, Freeware VR Software 1
Shareware, Freeware VR Software 2
Shareware, Freeware VR Software 3
Shareware, Freeware VR Software Anonymous FTP connection:
Books, Journals and Information 
Encyclopaedia of Virtual Environments
Medicine and Virtual Reality: A Guide to the Literature
Virtual Reference Sites
Virtual Therapy - Interview with Ralph Lamson
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