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   Sports Psychology - A sub-discipline of psychology which concentrates on sports and performance enhancement.   

Potentium Coaching Network - From the University of Ottawa answer coaching questions, and offer references, a newsletter and directory.
Sport Competition Anxiety Test
Sports & Exercise Psychology
Sports & Exercise Psychology Resources
Sports Psycholgy - Dr. A Goldberg’s workshops and individual consultations for developing mental toughness, slump busting, avoiding psych-outs, handling pressure, and developing championship concentration and the mind of a winner
SPORTDiscus - Updated monthly. Provides citations, many with abstracts, of periodical and monographic literature in the areas of sport.
Sport Psychologist
Sports Psychologists Society - Germany
Sports Psychology for Every Athelete - Mind Games: A new, web-based system of individualized Applied Sport Psychology guarantees the development of a winning edge or your money back.
Sports Psychology: Dr. Natalie Newton - Newton Performance Programs, PC
Sports Psychology - Mind Tools
Sports Psychology on the Information SuperHighway
Sports Psychology On-Line
Sports Science
Training Articles, FAQ, Exercise Science & Editorials
The Mental Edge - Sports Psychology
Winners Unlimited - Range of relaxation and visualization tapes intended to help with mental and physical preparation for competition
Books, Journals and Further Information
Preventing "Choking" and Downward Performance Cycles
Sports Science: Your Mind Can Help Your Body Work - Article about attitude and athletic performance.
The Physician and Sportsmedicine: Back Issues
TotalNews Sports Psychology - Brings a summary of articles with hyperlinks on the net related to Sports Psychology
Web Directory: Health & Sports Psychology [Mental Health Net]
Welcome to SportDoc.

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