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PsychNet-UK is an independent private web site which was conceived, developed and is run for the benefit of  mental health professionals or those interested in mental health practices. Our goal is to become the preferred UK information access point of students, professionals or those who want to know more about the psychological sciences. PsychNet-UK is growing!    From initial launch in June 1998 our link database has increased from 500 to over 7500. The site is constantly evolving and being improved with now over 350 pages, our hit-rate is over 15,000 visits per month and climbing, and with over 450 major academic institutions / professional sites linking directly to PsychNet-UK,  and over 800 regular bookmarker visitors, we are on target to achieve our goal.

Another first,  was PsychNet-UK's FREE email account, the only mental health site to offer such a service at that time.  Inclusion of our UK Portal, Ananova and Doctor's Guide news sites and WWW search engines have also been a great success. Our most recent site addition is the Community / Chat facilities, which we believe, like our previous successes, will become a firm favorite with our readers.

Like all successes, time, cost and commitment demands also increase. Therefore, we are seeking Organisations, Companies or Academic Institutions, involved in psychology or the related sciences, to take out sponsorship or take out advertising with PsychNet-UK.

PsychNet-UK is an independent web site and has no association with or the American Psychological Association


Professionals Index - UK

The Professional Index is open only to UK Mental Health Practitioners and provides a quick means for potential clients to locate your professional services   Inclusion in this section is dependent upon an annual registration fee. Professional Index sites will not be rated See Site Ratings.  For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting the Professional Index category.

General listing of your site is as always free of charge however your site practice details will only appear in the appropriate subject link section and be indicated by a standard text hyperlink together with a limited site description.  We will not usually rate a private practice site unless it contains related subject information and extensive external related links.  See Site Ratings

See Advertising Policy

For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Service Options category


Sponsorship is open to all websites/companies engaged in, or related to, the field of mental health.  Sponsorship takes the form of a visual images that identifies your site as a sponsor     Sponsorship sites are not rated.

For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Sponsorship category.

General listing of your site is, as usual,  free of charge however your site details will appear in the appropriate subject link section and be indicated by a standard hyperlink together with a limited site description.  We will rate the site as part of our normal inclusion practice. See Site Ratings

See Advertising Policy

For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Service Options category


Advertising will usually take the form of an on-page animated or static banner, supplied by the company or composed by PsychNet-UK.  The location of the image on a particular page will, where possible, relate to that page subject matter directly and be positioned at the top of the page directly beneath the page top navigation bar. Due to the method of displaying Advertised sites these will not be site rated. See Site Ratings.

Fees for advertising vary depending upon certain factors such as positioning on category, section or subject pages. For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Advertising category.

General listing of your site, as usual,  is free of charge however your site  details will only appear in the appropriate subject link section and be indicated by a standard text hyperlink together with a limited site description. We will rate the site as part of our normal inclusion practice, See Site Ratings

Recognized UK Mental Health Charities may advertise on PsychNet-UK free of any charge but subject to certain conditions.  For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Charities category.

See Advertising Policy

For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Service Options category

Recommended Site Award:

Sites which are eligible for the “recommended” category include: personal sites, governmental sites, societies. institutes, charities and certain commercial sites containing or relating to mental health information.  Sites which are not eligible for the “recommended” award include: private practice sites (unless at least 50% of the site is dedicated to related mental health articles and links) psychological consulting sites, online help sites, newsgroups, email lists or software fun sites. In order for a site to be eligible for the recommended Award it would normally require a site rating of 4/5 or above. See Site ratings.

Recommended sites will be visited on a regular basis to ensure that the original selection criteria still applies.  If not, the recommended image will be removed from the PsychNet-UK listing without notice.

Those sites which are not eligible for the “recommended” category may investigate the professional index, sponsorship or advertising options available through PsychNet-UK indicated above.

For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Recommended Site category.  

The images that may be used with our Recommended Award are as follows:

Blue Recommended Award Web Recommended Award

Your site will be identified on PsychNet-UK by the following image: PsychNet-UK Page Award Image

How to Apply:

If you feel that your site, or one that you are recommending, contributes to the Science of Psychology and deserves a PsychNet-UK Recommended Site award please email us with the following details:

* A brief description of your, or recommended, site.

* The full site URL.

* Your email address

* State if you want your site identified with the small page

We will review your suggested site and evaluate its award merits.  If successful you will be notified within one month of application.   Your site may be identified on our pages as a "Recommended Site" with the small page logo next to your page entry, if you want it.  For those sites that already have the old award and would like to be identified with the page logo, please download one of the above images and email us to let us know if you wish to be identified on PsychNet-UK with the small page image.  Finally you have two designs to pick from.

Email your recommended site suggestion Now


Site Ratings

The PsychNet-UK site ratings range between  1/5  to  5/5   and is based on a numbers of factors, which include but are not confined to:

  • General design, navigation and graphics

  • Subject relevance, depth and coverage

  • Single or multiple subject content

  • Links to related information

  • Unique in formation

  • Speed of loading

  • Links from other sites ( using linkto analysis  )

  • Advertising usage

No site is purely reviewed from a content perspective.

Links to articles are all rated at a minimum of 3/5, unless the article is extremely short then a lower rating may be given, the reason is that we never rate the content of any article and therefore wish to avoid inconsistency. The article is linked to because of its informative content only. If the article is part of a highly rated site, that article may also reflect the overall site rating.

Sites that will not be rated are those that appear as an advertising banner, PsychNet-UK sponsor, consulting practices, certain software sites and those sites listed on our Professional Index.

Site ratings are extremely subjective and are provided to give readers an indication of a potential total search experience only.  Ratings are not open for discussion but at the request of the site concerned the link may be removed completely. To request the removal of a link, email PsychNet-UK selecting Remove Link category. PsychNet-UK will not enter any discussions concerning site ratings and in order not to offend disputed site rating will have the site link removed without notice.


Site Service Options.

PsychNet-UK can offer its readers a number of additional services on a fee-paying basis. These include

  • Advanced Search Subscription Service

  • Poll Hosting Service

  • Web site personal CV's

  • Web Hosting on PsychNet-Uk Server

  • Site Design by our own Webmaster

For further details email PsychNet-UK selecting Service Options category



Many of our definitions have been taken from the following publication, which is highly recommended especially for students:

Arthur S. Reber was born in 1940 in Philadelphia. He took his BA degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1961 and his Ph.D. at Brown University in 1967.  His published work includes several dozen papers in cognitive psychology, and such diverse areas as philosophical psychology and critiques of parapsychology. He edited ( with Don Scarborough ) Toward a Psychology of Reading (1977)

A S. Reber ( 1985 ) The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology, Penguin Books, London

The Penguin Group.  27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5TZ, England

See also our other Contributors - Click Here


Difficulty Reading Site Disabled Assistant Browsers.

PsychNet-UK has adopted the guidelines set down by the World Wide web Consortium (W3C) in their article " Checklist of Guidepoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v1.0 (Guidelines - 5th May 1999 ) and has applied these where possible within this web site design. If you have difficulty using this site, please follow the tips below

Explore the options in your browser (at the top of this window).

Using the latest versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer you will find you are able to:

  • alter the text size
  • alter the text colour
  • alter the background colour
  • alter the line length

by changing the size and shape of your browser window override the colour scheme of this and other Websites with your preferred settings.

Privacy Statement


PsychNet-UK is recognised for our commitment to safeguarding consumer privacy on our Web site. We operate under the following set of strict privacy principles:
  • The only information PsychNet-UK obtains about individual visitors to its Web site is that supplied voluntarily by visitors.
  • In cases when PsychNet-UK may need personal information to provide visitors with customised content or to inform them about new features or services, visitors are explicitly asked for that information.
  • Personally identifiable information provided by visitors (name, e-mail or home address, etc.) will not be disclosed to anyone unless visitors indicate that PsychNet-UK may do so.
  • Only statistical information about our visitors as a group (usage habits, demographics) may be shared with any partner of PsychNet-UK. Personally identifiable information will not be shared at any time without the visitor's permission. PsychNet-UK employs strict security measures to safeguard online transactions; personal information is stored in a secured database and always sent via an encrypted Internet channel.
  • We will notify our users if we make significant changes to our privacy policy that may affect the use of health-related information, and we will obtain consent from consumers for any new uses of that data.
  • We respect the privacy rights of all visitors to PsychNet-UK and apply this privacy policy regardless of the country and state where the site is hosted or mirrored.

The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site: PsychNet-UK.

IP Addresses
An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. All computer identification on the Internet is conducted with IP addresses, which allow computers and servers to recognise and communicate with each other. PsychNet-UK collects IP addresses in order to conduct system administration, report aggregate information to sponsors and advertisers, and to conduct site analysis. If a visitor requests pages from PsychNet-UK, the PsychNet-UK servers enter the visitor's IP address into a log. To maintain visitor anonymity, PsychNet-UK does not associate IP addresses with records containing personal information. However, PsychNet-UK will use IP addresses to identify any visitors who refuse to comply with PsychNet-UK's in-house rules or terms of service, and to identify visitors who threaten our service, site, customers or others.

Our site may place a text file called a "cookie" in the browser files of your computer. Cookies are pieces of information that a Web site transfers to an individual's hard disk for record keeping purposes. They do enable PsychNet-UK to relate your use of the site to information that you have specifically and knowingly provided to our site.

Our site's registration system, for our free Email and Community Services requires users to give us contact information such as their name and e-mail address, and demographic information such as a postal code, sex, age or income level. The customer's contact information is used to contact the visitor when necessary.  This information is NOT shared with advertisers.

We have proper security measures in place to combat against inadvertent disclosures of personal information to third parties. We have a plan in the event a disclosure takes place.

External Links
In order to provide visitors with greater value, PsychNet-UK may provide links to various third party Web sites. However, even if a third-party affiliation exists between PsychNet-UK and that destination site, PsychNet-UK exercises no authority over linked sites, each of which maintains independent privacy and data collection policies and procedures. PsychNet-UK assumes no responsibility or liability for these independent methods or actions and is not responsible for the independent policies or procedures of destination sites. Similarly, PsychNet-UK cannot take responsibility for the privacy initiatives or the content of such Web sites. These destination links are provided only for your convenience, and as such, you access them at your own risk. However, PsychNet-UK wishes to ensure the integrity of the PsychNet-UK Web site and its destination links, so any comments pertaining to the PsychNet-UK Web site or any sites accessed through PsychNet-UK links are greatly appreciated.

Community Partners
PsychNet-UK Community Partners represent well-respected healthcare organizations across the country. Through these partnerships, PsychNet-UK provides its Web site content and services to enhance the Web sites of our Community Partners. These sites also offer information about local healthcare resources, thereby helping members of their communities take active steps towards improving or maintaining their health.

See the External Links section above for additional disclaimers regarding third-party Web sites.

You will never receive any form of postal advertising or other information via the mail service.

If you supply us with your telephone number, you will never receive any telephone contact from us

You may receive occasional emails from PsychNet-UK containing information on new services or web site improvements. We may also contact you to participate in research projects. If you do not want to receive email from us in the future, please let us know by sending an email to us and telling us that you do not want to receive any e-mail.

Service orders
When you order a PsychNet-UK service option, we need to know your name, email address and postal address. This allows us to process and fulfil your order and to notify you of any details that may affect your service request

Surveys and Questionnaires
Our online surveys and questionnaires may ask visitors for contact and demographic information. The customer's contact information is used to contact the visitor when necessary. Users may opt-out of receiving future mailings; see the choice/opt-in section below. Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site. This information is shared with advertisers on an aggregate basis, but it does not indicate the identity of individual users.

Some PsychNet-UK site features may use applications to collect data to facilitate an e-commerce transaction. We will ask your explicit permission to transfer this data to the third party to facilitate this transaction.

See the External Links section above for additional disclaimers regarding third-party Web sites.

If  we ever run contests, in the future, on our site in which we ask visitors for contact and demographic information. The customer's contact information is used to contact the visitor when necessary. Users may choose to receive future mailings; see the choice/opt-in section below. Demographic and profile data is also collected at our site. This information may be shared with advertisers on an aggregate basis, but it does not indicate the identity of individual users.

Third Party Ad Services
PsychNet-UK may utilises certain third-party advertising services to display advertising for our advertisers. These third-party services may place a cookie on your computer for the purposes of ad tracking and presentation. PsychNet-UK does not share personally identifiable visitor information with its advertising services.

Public Forums
PsychNet-UK provides its users with chat rooms, forums, message boards and/or news groups. Please remember that any information disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.

The PsychNet-UK Web site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. PsychNet-UK employs strict security measures to safeguard online transactions; personal information is stored in a secured database and always sent via an encrypted Internet channel.

Children's Guidelines
Some sections of PsychNet-UK may be designed specifically for use by children under the age of 16. Contact information such as their name and e-mail address, and demographic information such as their postal code or age may be requested in those sections. In such cases, children will be notified that they should obtain permission from their parents before providing such information.

PsychNet-UK does not disclose personally identifiable information about users under 16, whether or not an approval is obtained. Information about users under the age of 16 may be shared with third parties on an aggregate basis. Parents and those permitting minors to use the PsychNet-UK Web site should be aware that any information voluntarily given by children in chat sessions, e-mail exchanges, BBS's, forums, etc., may be used by third parties to generate unsolicited mail or other contact with children.

Our site gives users the opportunity to opt-in to receive communications from us and our partners at the point where we request information about the visitor.

This site also gives users the following options for removing their information from our database in order to stop receiving communications or our service.

  • You can send e-mail to

This site gives users the following options for changing and modifying information previously provided:

  • You can send e-mail to

Contacting the Web Site
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this Web site, or your interaction with this Web site, contact:

  • You can send e-mail to

Questions and comments?
The PsychNet-UK Privacy document has been developed out of respect for the privacy preferences and choices of our readers. We are committed to protecting your privacy and have established procedures to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to address your concerns. PsychNet-UK welcomes your questions and comments about privacy.
Advertising Policy

Where PsychNet-UK uses external advertisers to support the financing of this web site, these advertisers are clearly indicated. Financing may come from a number of sources:  Banner Advertisements, Sponsorships and fees from professional Index registration. These are all clearly indicated


PsychNet-UK will not be held responsible for any offence ( cultural, racial, sexual, religious, personal or political ) caused by any particular web site linked from PsychNet-UK. We will however remove a link to a particular site if a consensus decision, from PsychNet-UK’s   reader, deem the site inappropriate. Readers' views will be obtained after a removal notification has been published on the Readers’ Forum Page. Readers' comments will be accepted for a  period of one calendar month, after which a consensus analysis will be undertaken to decide if the link shall be removed or not.

The materials that may be accessed via this web site could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors that are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-violation or non-infringement of rights. In no event shall PsychNet-UK be responsible for any damages whatsoever, including special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind, resulting from the dissemination or use of such materials.

The information on PsychNet-UK web site is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should verify the information contained herein with a physician, and if you have a medical problem, you should consult with a qualified medical care provider.

In the case of Institutes, Universities or Colleges accreditation details as published on PsychNet-UK, cannot be guaranteed as these may change from time to time.We therefore, strongly advise that all professional / academic accreditation’s are confirmed prior to enrolling with any Institute, University or College.

Publication of details for any Institute, University, College, Training Course, Software, Academic Publication or Equipment does not indicate an endorsement by PsychNet-UK.

PsychNet-UK cannot be held responsible for the incorrect categorisation of any submitted or published URLs, links or descriptions.

Any inclusion on PsychNet-UK by a Company, Organisation, Institute, University or College having a financial interest in PsychNet-UK, through the use of sponsorship or advertising ( exc. job / appointment advertising ), will be clearly indicated.

Any Company, Organisation, Institute, University or College may request to have their link removed. PsychNet-UK will endeavor to remove the link within one calendar month of receiving an official removal email request.

Other web sites may link to PsychNet-UK. A notification of this link would be appreciated.

Readers views published on the Readers Forum Page are not necessarily endorsed by PsychNet-UK. This is an open forum designed to generate interest and discussion, or for requests of assistance / advise from other professionals. Private advertising may be considered if relevant to the advancement of Psychology. Acceptance and publication of such requests and readers views lies solely with PsychNet-UK. Correspondence relating to the reason for the refusal of requests or readers view will not be entered into. The contacts listed have not been verified therefore you are advised caution when supplying your name, address, telephone numbers etc. to anyone on the internet who is not personally known.

PsychNet-UK will make every effort to acknowledge your Readers Forum request however this cannot be guaranteed.

Direct requests for assistance / advice will usually only be progressed through the Readers Forum. However we will, depending upon resource availability, advise readers directly on their requests if we can. We will not, unless we   have known links, find any particular information for a reader, but try to point them in the right direction.

Whilst every care is taken in the reproduction of submission information: Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Email addresses, URL’s etc. PsychNet-UK will not be held responsible for any loss or  inconvenience caused by reproduction errors or omissions.

Certain PsychNet-UK page design elements, backgrounds, GIF graphics, JPEG graphics have been collected from royalty free sources. These individuals / companies are acknowledged for their support and generosity.

PsychNet-UK is publish on a calendar month basis, as the need arises, usually the last week of the month-end the revised site will be uploaded. This deadline however cannot be guaranteed, uploads may be earlier or later than the month end depending upon the revision content and resource availability.

The information on PsychNet-UK Web Site is subject to change without notice. No part of the web site may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical for any purpose, without the written permission of PsychNet-UK.

Any litigation against PsychNet-UK, for whatever reason, shall only be heard under English Law within the United Kingdom.

Data Protection Act 1984:

1. All correspondence details, name, address, telephone or email numbers submitted to PsychNet-UK will not be supplied to any third party for whatever reason.

2. Your information is only held for the calendar month, or agreed period, of processing then removed permanently from PsychNet-UK’s web site.

3. Whist in the care of PsychNet-UK your information is stored on removable storage media and retained in a secure environment.

For conditions relating to sponsorship, advertising or other services offered by PsychNet-UK, please refer to the appropriate Service Conditions.

PsychNet-UK Email Accounts

You  agree by using PsychNet-UK Email Service to indemnify and hold ,Commtouch, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, and employees harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of ZapZone Network's E-mail services, your violation of this agreement, or any infringement by you or the users of your E-mail service of any intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity.

We reserve the right to reject your application or terminate your account if your site is unsuitable for our service. "Unsuitable" sites include, without limitation, those sites brought to our attention that : (1) promote obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit and/or themed materials; (2) promote abusive, threatening, hateful, harmful, harassing or violent behavior; (3) promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age; (4) promote illegal activities or fail to comply with applicable law; or (5) have the potential to interfere with the use, enjoyment, deployment or operation of our service or system.

PsychNet-UK cannot be held responsible for junk mail or any third-party misuse of the email service provided.


Domain Name Registrations

The following domain names are registered to PsychNet-UK:




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