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We have removed the on-line URL submission form from the site as it was being used by an unknown French company to SPAM our site with totally irrelevant URL submissions. These averaged as many as 50 per day and were extremely anoying to process.  We therefore ask you to now submit your URL requests by email, until we can implement an alternative form, ensuring that you include:

1.  The Site Name.

2. Description of Site ( or Dead Link ).

3. The full Site URL.

4 Your Name.

5. If you wish to be notified that your
    suggested link will be placed on

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* Netscape Navigator Users: This email address is protected by java script generation code and therefore may not work in your Browser.   If this is the case please send your emails to:

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We do apologise about this service withdrawl however we have attempted to identify the company causing the SPAM but without success.


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