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   Addiction - A psychological or physiological overdependence of an orgasm on a drug or action. Mainly associated with the label for a form of substance-use disorder, it is used only for cases in which there has been long-term abuse leading to impaired social and/or occupational functioning. The specific drug or action involved is usually specified e.g. alcohol abuse, amphetamine abuse.

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Action on Addiction - The only charity to take a multidisciplinary approach to tackling addiction


Acupuncture Treatment for Substance Abuse - Acupuncture helps people recover from drugs and alcohol problems. It is used in clinics through the United States. Acupuncture can decrease cravings for drugs and alcohol, reduce withdrawal symptoms, relieve tension, and help people relax.
Addiction  - Addiction help new feedback Welcome! These six "Waypages" have just one goal: to help you learn about addiction. This page queries the most popular Internet search engines and directories. For news, pictures, etc, use the buttons above. Help is available.
Addiction - An extremely good site which provides information regarding addictive behaviour, particularly alcohol addiction.
Addiction - The Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site represents the extensive writings of Stanton Peele, a pioneering and radical researcher and writer in the addictions. This site includes both popular and professional articles, a question page, controversies in which Dr. Peele is very actively involved.
Addictions: Alcohol, Drug Abuse, Sex - Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work - Links to articles and resources about addictions: alcohol, drug abuse, sex, etc.
Addiction Alternatives - An interesting concept the available alternative to addictive behaviour
Addiction Family Resources - We are a non-profit organization specializing in treatment for chemical dependency.
Addiction Psychiatry  - Sobriety Education Project The Sobriety Education Project is a cooperative service of Secular Organizations for Sobriety aimed at providing its members and friends with selected educational readings from the scientific and popular literature about addiction.
Addiction Recovery Worldwide - Books, tapes, pamphlets and encouragement gifts for everyone involved in addiction recovery programs
Addiction Technology Transfer Centre - We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping health and human service professionals in the field of addictions and substance use disorders
Addiction Treatment Com - Welcome to the Addiction-Treatment.Com This site was created to aid individuals interested in using the Internet to research topics pertaining to drug use, abuse, addiction and treatment resources.
Addictions & Life - This web site is dedicated to all those that have been trapped in one of life's addictions. There is a SOLUTION. Life truly can be HAPPY, JOYOUS and FREE.  Clear away the wreckage of your past.  
Adult and Correctional Education - Promotes communication & cross-training between adult and correctional educators and substance-abuse counselors
Alcohol & Drug Services of Thames Valley - Assessment of individuals in the London area who have alcohol, drug and/or gambling related problems
American Association of AdvertisingPartnership for a Drug-Free America
American Society of Addiction Medicine - The nation's medical specialty society dedicated to educating physicians and improving the treatment of individuals suffering from alcoholism or other addictions
AngelLady's Web Wanders - Links to sites and information about recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and related issues.
Center for On-Line Addiction - Welcome to and the Center for On-Line Addiction - Resources for therapists and families, tips on Cyber-wellness, and Personal Therapy
ETOH Searchable Database on Alcohol and Substance Abuse Problems
Grant Me The Serenity - Addiction & Recovery site provides extensive information & resources for those in or seeking recovery from various addictions, obsessions & compulsions
Habitsmart--Web Site - Information about Changing Addictive Behaviors. An abundance of information about addictive behavior: theories of habit endurance and habit change.
Hazelden Foundation - Hazelden is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism and other drug addiction. We provide residential and outpatient treatment for adults and young people, programs for families affected by chemical dependency, and training for a variety of professionals. Hazelden is also known as the world's premier publisher of information on this subject and related areas.
Hennepin Co. Medical Centre - Addiction and Alternative Medicine Research
How Can I Tell If I'm Getting Addicted to Sex? - From, a book review, and a series of four questions aimed at helping discover sexual addiction and how far it's progressed.
Indiana University  - Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Jewish Alcoholics - Chemically Dependent Persons, and Significant Others
Majot Index to Addiction ReferencesA good listing of resources
Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol & Other Drug Problems - Creating an environment that helps individuals make healthy choices and requires responsible action from government and business
National Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
New Research Institute on Addictions - A good place for research information
Researching Prevention Strategies
Sex, Drugs, and Exploitation: How Advertisers Promote Addiction
Substance Abuse - Education & Research
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Substance Abuse in the Gay and Lesbian Community
Web of Addictions - An excellent web site, good resources and information.
Western Australian Drug Web Site - Entry point to the Western Australian Drug Abuse Control Strategy. Contains reports, legislation, data and other information on drug abuse.

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