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   Addiction - A psychological or physiological overdependence of an orgasm on a drug or action. Mainly associated with the label for a form of substance-use disorder, it is used only for cases in which there has been long-term abuse leading to impaired social and/or occupational functioning. The specific drug or action involved is usually specified e.g. alcohol abuse, amphetamine abuse.

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Specific - Internet Sex   
Another Empty Bottle - Internet Addiction Resources - Internet addiction is a real and growing problem.
Cybersex - From's Chatting guide, a feature on another form of sexual activity.
Cybersex by E-Mail - From Electronic Publishing, dialogue between two cyber lovers.
Online Sexual Addiction - Provides education and support to people concerned about their own or others compulsive sexual behavior on the World Wide Web
PC Magazine: Cybersex, Addiction, and You (10/26/98)  - Cybersex, Addiction, and You By John C. Dvorak Internet addiction and cybersex are topics that have been best exploited by Dr. Kimberly Young
Sexual Addiction FAQ  
Sexual Addiction Counseling and Advice - Overcome Sexual Addiction If you've ever tried to overcome sexual addiction, you might be wondering if it is really possible to win the struggle. The answer is a qualified "Yes." The "Yes" is qualified because it depends on the advice you get

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