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Specific Diagnostic Manuals: The American DSM IV and the World health Organisation IDC 10 Manual.


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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR (Text Revision)
American Psychiatric Association
(Hardcover - 15 June, 2000)
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Since 1992, there have been many advances in knowledge of psychiatric illnesses. The DSM-IV-TR spans the bridge between DSM-IV and DSM-V, to ensure that the most relevant new information since the DSM-IV literature review in 1992 was incorporated and to enhance the educational value. Specifically, new information on associated features, including associated laboratory and physical findings, has been added for many of the disorders. Sections on prevalence, gender/age/culture, course and familial pattern have also been revised to reflect research findings. More comprehensive differential diagnoses have been incorporated for many of the disorders.

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DSM-IV Made Easy  by James Morrison
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Published 1995
Guilford Press Paperback
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Mike Mayo (mmayo2644@aol.com) from California, U.S. , 12 April, 1998 stars-5-0-64x12.gif (430 bytes) Better than DSM!

The author has done an excellent job of taking the DSM diagnostic criteria and adding tips, additional information, and commentary. Perhaps, most importantly, he devotes most of the book to those diagnoses that a clinician is most likely to encounter in the "real world" while giving relatively little attention to the more esoteric disorders. I especially liked his advice on how to do decide which diagnosis is the more likely to be accurate. The book also contains vignettes to demonstrate how the appropriate information can be elicited to do an accurate diagnosis. I have found that this book is not only more useful than the DSM; I no longer need the DSM.

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