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- Most generally, a vague, unpleasant emotional state with qualities of apprehension, dread, stress and uneasiness.

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Anxiety Based Disorders
- Acute Stress Disorder
PsychNet-UK Accute Stress Disorder Information Sheet. - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Anxiety and Phobia Treatments and Information. 3/5
Anxiety Care - An extremely good UK site for support.  3/5
Anxiety Coach - David Carbonell,Ph.D. - This site is a self-help guide for people who have significant trouble with anxiety and phobias.   4/5
Anxiety Management - Anxiety as a result of stress is one of - if not the major contributing factors to poor health in most areas of modern life. If you have ever been tense before an exam or an interview or a visit to the dentist, you have a good idea of what anxiety feels like . Increased heart rate, sweating, rapid breathing, a dry mouth, and a sense of dread are common components of anxiety. 2/5
Anxiety Recovery - A personal web site run by Evelyn Goodman, Psy.D.  which contains treatment information, articles (by the author), tips, and relevant links regarding anxiety disorder treatment. 3/5
Anxiety and Stress Treatment -   Help in overcoming panic attacks, anxiety, worry, stress, and phobias. On-line research. Simple checklist is also available on this site.  3/5
Anxiety Disorders - Clinical Trials - Covering the whole or the USA. 4/5
Anxiety and PTSD - Emotional Trauma - These Trauma Pages focus primarily on emotional trauma and traumatic stress, including PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), whether following individual traumatic experience(s) or a large-scale disaster. The purpose of this award winning site is to provide information for clinicians and researchers in the traumatic-stress field. Specifically, my interests here include both clinical and research aspects of trauma responses and their resolution.  4/5
Anxiety Treatment Australia - Provides information about anxiety disorders, the treatment options, psychologists around Australia who treat anxiety disorders, group therapy & workshops, support groups, articles, resources and links to other sites. 3/5
Anxiety Zone - Is a non-profit mental health community dedicated to the support of those suffering from anxiety disorders such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Hypochondria, Panic Disorder, Depression, Phobias, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 3/5
Beck Anxiety Inventory - Introduction and Specification. 3/5
Breathing to Calm Anxiety States - An Article.  3/5
Correlations - Among depression rating scales and a self-rating anxiety scale in depressive outpatients. 3/5
  National Anxiety Foundation   3/5
Paxil (Paroxetine HCI): Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression, OCD, Panic Disorder - Treatment from SmithKline Beecham Paxil - Beecham, treats Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder Depression.  2/5
Publications and Archives on Anxiety and Depression - From the Freedom from Fear Website. 4/5
The Trait Anxiety and Depression Tests & Software 3/5
Trust - Anxiety Disorder Help and Information - I have made this website as a place for people with anxiety disorders to come and find information and self help.  3/5
XANAX - Is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Controlled clinical trials have demonstrated that XANAX is effective in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, anxiety associated with depression, and Panic Disorder with or without agoraphobia. 3/5
- Separation Anxiety Disorder
  PsychNet-UK Separation Anxiety Disorder Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Separation Anxiety Disorder - From Internet Mental Health -  What is it?, plus other information.  4/5
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