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- Most generally, a vague, unpleasant emotional state with qualities of apprehension, dread, distress and uneasiness.

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PsychNet-UK Agrophobia Criteria Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Agrophobia - The most common Phobic Disorder, Agoraphobia is the fear of being alone in a public place.   2/5
Agoraphobia - Diagnostic criteria for agoraphobia based on the European description. From Internet Mental Health. 4/5
Agoraphobia A Definition - From your Mining Co. Guide. How agoraphobia begins and progresses, and what you can do about it.  3/5
Agoraphobia and Panic attacks - Anti-depressive drugs or Xanax "greatly improves" only about 30% of clients with panic attacks and/or with agoraphobia (but a placebo reportedly improves 25%). 3/5
Agoraphobia & Panic Disorder Recovery - Inspiration and guidance for those healing from panic disorder and agoraphobia. Website includes: cognitive-behavioral approaches, meditation techniques and personal stories of full recovery. 3/5
Recreating Reality in Virtual Reality in Acrophobia Treatment - Comparing Virtual and Real Worlds for Acrophobia Treatment Milton P. Huang, MD (1), Joseph Himle, PhD (1), Dr.-Ing Klaus-Peter Beier (2), Norman E. Alessi, MD (1) 1. University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry 1500 E. Medical Center. An Article.   3/5
 Miscellaneous Information
The Spectrum of Dissociative Disorders - An overview and diagnosis article.   3/5
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