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Alzheimer's Disease Books and Videotapes  
Attention Deficit Disorder - Book
Brain Scents - Interview with Alan Hirsh
Dislexia - Uma nova abordagem terapeutica (Portuguese)
Encyclopaedia of Mental Health
ICD 10 Hypertext Diagnostic Manual
Information on Specific Mental Disorder, Their Diagnosis & Treatment
Manuals for Empirically Validated Treatments
Merec Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
Mind, Brain and the Quantum
Sexuality Manual
Symbolism's in Dreams - HTML publication - R.J. Corelli
Journals and Other Information
A Connectionist Account of Spanish Gender Harmony.
The Userguide to the Mental Health Act - A comprehensive guide to the Mental Health Act as it applies to England and Wales
Young People's Perceptions of Mental Health Problems - Details12 young people's perceptions of mental health problems.


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