Eating Disorders (III)

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  Eating Disorders - An umbrella term used to denote a range of eating disorder such as Bulimia and Anorexia.

Books Articles and Other Information
Anorexia: I'm Not a Child and I'm So Afraid - by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C.  3/5
Anorexia in the Elderly - An Article from the University of British Columbia.   3/5
Causes of Eating Disorders  3/5
CHARACTERISTICS OF ALEXITHYMIA AND EATING DISORDERS IN COLLEGE WOMEN - This article is based on a doctoral dissertation submitted to Texas Tech University by Theresa A. Laquatra (Faulkner), under the direction of James R. Clopton. We thank Joe Banken, Nancy Clopton, Clyde Hendrick, Susan Hendrick, Alice Pope, and Steve Richards for their helpful comments and suggestions. 3/5
Compulsive Overeating: Necessary Pain Prior to Real Help - Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C.  3/5
Eating Disorders - A Socially Constructed Form of Self Destruction - An Article.  3/5
Eating Disorder Early Recovery - "How Do I Begin?" The 84,000 Ways - by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C. 3/5
Eating Disorders -   When Therapy Didn't Help Before - Joanna Poppink  3/5
Eating Disorders When Family and Friends Don't Get It - Joanna Poppink  3/5
Information on Weight Control/Obesity and Eating Disorders by Michael D. Myers  "Current topics on obesity and weight control.   3/5
Number One Reason For Developing An Eating Disorder - Joanna Poppink  3/5
Power Nutrition On-Line - An online nutrition counseling resource dedicated to helping women recover from disordered eating, chronic dieting, and compulsive overeating.   3/5
The Basics of Eating Disorder Psychotherapy -  How it Works by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C.  3/5
The Effects of the Ideal of Female Beauty on Mood and Body Satisfaction - A study involving Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI, 64- item questionnaire that measures psychological features of eating disorders), Profile of Mood States (POMS, a 6-scale mood inventory), Body Parts Satisfaction Scale (BPSS, measures one's satisfaction with 24 body parts) and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSES, measure of self-esteem). 3/5
Treating Eating Disorders by Scientific America - Current research and findings relating to eating disorders.  3/5
Triumphant Journey - A cyberguide to stop overeating and recover from eating disorders By Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C. Positive, empowering strategies.  3/5
Using Affirmation Part 1 -  Using Affirmation Part 2 - By by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C.  3/5
When You Discover a Friend is Bulimic or Anorexic- By by Joanna Poppink, M.F.C.C. Plus  links to many other articles.  3/5
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