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Gay Issues - Gay a sobriquet for homosexuality.  
Homosexuality Issues - Gay Rights Movement

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Gay Issues
American Civil Liberties Union
American Psychological Association's Division 44 - Is psychology's focal point for research, practice, and education on the lives and realities of LGBT people. The president's theme for the Division this year is "Advancing Competent, Available and Accessible Healthcare For the LGBT Community". 3/5
APA Research Summary -  Lesbian and Gay Parenting.  American Psychological Association research summary of lesbian and gay parents and their children. Recent Research findings.  3/5
APS - Lesbian and Gay issues. 3/5
Assessment of Internalized Homophobia 3/5
Association of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues in Counseling - Educates counselors to the unique needs of client identity development; and a non-threatening counseling environment by aiding in the reduction of stereotypical thinking and homoprejudice.  2/5
Gay Christian Online - Gay Christian, Gay Christians, Lesbian Christians advice, articles, information, encouragement, affirmation, positive lifestyle, books, links, poetry, music, and more.3/5
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals - Have special health concerns besides the usual ones that affect most men and women. On this page you'll find information about these specific health issues. 4/5
Gay and Lesbian step-parenting - Paula Hall - Any stepfamily is challenging, but if you're in a gay or lesbian relationship you may face additional issues. An Article.
Gay Parenting Resources - As the site name indicates.  3/5
  Healthy Minds - Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues. 3/5
  Lesbian & Gay Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. 3/5
National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. 3/5
The Closet: Psychological Issues of Being In and Coming Out - An Article - Jack Drescher, M.D.
The Psychology of Homosexuality - By Paul Cameron, Ph. D. 3/5
Recommended Books:
Guide to Lesbian and Gay Parenting
Lesbian and Gay Psychology
Lesbian and Gay Parenting Handbook
The Guide to Lesbian and Gay Parenting (Paperback) by April Martin (Author)
Lesbian and Gay Psychology: New Perspectives (Paperback)
by Adrian Coyle (Editor), Celia Kitzinger (Editor) "Publication of this book marks the 'coming of age' of British lesbian and gay psychology ..."
The Lesbian and Gay Parenting Handbook: Creating and Raising Our Families (Paperback) by April, PhD Martin (Author)
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